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Скачать порно Sexopedia by Anne Hooper 2003 через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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Sexopedia by Anne Hooper

Время: 2003
Жанр: Book
Формат: PDF
Страна: США

Описание: Put the spice back into your sex life with this erotic encyclopedia from sex writer Anne Hooper. Packed with inventive ideas, tried-and-tested techniques and expert advice, it aims to be the perfect bedside companion. A gallery of photographs help you to extend your sexual repertoire and there are hints and tips to inspire you. Discover male and female takes on sex, how to make the first move and up-to-date theories of sexual attraction. For anyone interested in the art of good sex, the foreplay section takes you from erotic massages to exploring your partner's erogenous zones and beyond. Learn exactly how sex works and then - if you're feeling adventurous - move on to more advanced sexual positions. Comprehensive chapters guide you through contraception queries, gay sex, a history of lovemaking and sexual case histories. From S&M to toys to tease with, this book should cover everything you need to know.

Доп. информация: Sexopedia
Book Language: English
Pages: 272
File Type: Pdf
File Size: 40.5 MB
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