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Скачать порно Sammy через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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avatar Sakura

Год производства: 2014 г.
Жанр: Solo

Описание: She's a geeky teen with an extreme sex drive and a fully matured figure -- and she loves make full use of it! We see her at a farmer's market, as she buys some fruits & veggies, then proceeds to flash her full, firm breasts and spread under the table! Out at a park, she gets down to her underwear, runs around on a jogging trail, and fingers herself naked! Back home, she masturbates with her magic wand toy while watching porn, to a strong orgasm. A second camera angle under her reveals the strong vaginal contractions. Putting on a sexy red dress & heels, she gives us upskirt play at a resort, then uses a large zucchini like a sex toy! It pushes her vaginal limits... Later that night, we see her flash at a restaurant, and get all sexually aggressive... Next morning we see her in a cute summer dress and wedges, doing backbends at a resort, and playing with herself -- fingering herself again. She ends up fucking a carrot, pushing it deep inside her until it literally locks in, then eating it and using it several times! At home, she gives her body a nice hard breast and butt massage, then uses her magic wand toy again for another strong orgasm & visible vaginal contractions. On the bed in lingerie & heels, she teases us, then gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. Using a large glass toy, she penetrates herself, then gets pounded missionary-style. She teases her butt with some anal fingering, then goes back outside. Wearing a seethrough white dress with nothing else underneath, she visits a park, uses a glass toy anally, and does more acrobatics while guys fishing nearby watch Sammy panty-free. She's a fun, enthusiastic teen and a total nerd at heart

Тип HD видео: 1080p
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: H264 1920x1080 29.97fps 12000kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 118kbps
Model Comments

Let's start with my name... Sammy Rone. My alter ego of naughty pleasure. Like Harley Quinn Cheerleader by day & sexy vixen by night. I'm nineteen years old ... I mean young. I take each day with great magnitude. I have always been a over achiever! Striving to please. I want every person around me to be as happy as possible! I'm an animal lover to the extreme! I have two horses. An a couple dogs & two lovely kitties. I currently live in Las Vegas. Born & raised a sin city girl. My mother was also born & raised. I'm a second generation of sin! I have many hobbies that are of a wide variety. I snowboard during the winters of Vegas. I rock climb on a regular basis. I've enjoyed scuba diving & snorkeling most of my life. I've snorkeled the top ten largest reefs in the world. Excluding Australia because I'm deathly scared of jellyfish!! I horseback ride on the regular. You have never been so close to flying then being on at horse. I was always academically inclined to strive for my best. I played many sports during my high school days. Cross country was my favorite sport that I played along with soccer and volleyball. I'm 5'7 so I was reasonable tall enough to be very good at all sports. I was a honor student. An at the top of my class. I was never very social and never really had a lot of friends. I enjoyed sports because I got to hang out with people and it still benefited me academically. My only dream during school was to become a Nuclear Engineer. That didn't exactly turn out as well as I wanted it to be.

Videographer/Photographer's Comments

Samantha (she wanted to call herself Sammy for FTV -- she prefers that name) is not a first timer, but has done some hardcore for two sites exclusively. She really wanted to do her first solo stuff for FTV and contacted me directly to see if I would be interested. She's gained a lot of popularity on the internet, so we set something up for a weekend shoot. She send a whole bunch of candid shots of herself: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 -- she's cute allright! She arrived the Friday night before, wearing the pink outfit you see in the outtake clip 6. Her nerdy nature revealed itself when she saw the Lord of the Rings and Star Trek stuff. Then she got sexually agressive, and I had to put her to bed, so she's fresh the next day. We start the day's shoot at a farmer's market, looking for 'veggies' to buy for shoot purposes. There she experiences public nudity for the first time, and is a little shy about it, flashing her breasts and spreading under the table. Then at a park, I have her run about in her cute bra & panties, and she on her own starts rubbing and fingering herself. I've noticed that even off camera, she will play with herself often, then stare at me... At home she started using her own personal Magic Wand toy before I even started recording, and she wanted to watch some sort of porn she enjoys while doing it. I put a second camera under the table so we could see her orgasmic contractions when she had her strong orgasm. Moving from casual to dressy, she parades around in a red dress & heels, gives us upskirt views, then tries a large zucchini back end in. Initially she couldn't push it in, but with some encouragement she finally does it. After dropping it on the stairs, she fingers herself instead. We then see a lunch break, her with a cute bra exposed, and taking off her glasses for us to see her pretty eyes/face. I personally am not a glasses fan, I know there is that trend now that is 'cute', but if a girl has a pretty face or nice eyes, I think it takes away from that.
Videographer/Photographer's Comments

The next morning, with her fresh and ready to go, its a cute summer dress and wedges at a park. She shows off her backbends, which is always cute with the 'panty peek'. She starts rubbing/fingering herself again, giving me that sex-face, but then needs to pee. She was very shy about having me record her doing it, and I had to run off with the camera sitting on the bench -- and good news for her it only recorded her squatting, but too low to see anything else. After stripping down some more, we then see her with a carrot inside her, back end first, allowing it to 'lock in' with her walking around with it. She then penetrates herself with it, and going as deep she can. Every so often, she takes a bite off the tip, so she can go deeper. Cooling down at home, she does a hard breast & butt massage (those breasts are very firm) and fingers herself again. Horny enough to masturbate, she plays with a glass toy, then her wand toy to another strong orgasm. She was trying to squirt, and came close, but according to her she needed my 'dick' to make it happen. More bedside play with her in a cute bra & panties, and she felt sexy with heels on -- so I let her keep them on in the bed. Extreme closeups of her clitoris, labia stretching, then more fingering with glass toy play -- and she asks me to use the glass toy on her. Pushing it in her, the glass toy allowed me to 'feel' her, finding that she has a rather shallow vagina, the glass toy only could go so far before hitting her 'wall'. Also, pulling out the toy, where the thick head is was actually tough! The entry part of her vagina is tight, and it held in the glass toy. I had to use real force to pull it out. She then got horny on me again, playing with her butt, and asking me to have sex with her anally. So I used that to my advantage, and had her keep fingering herself on camera, and try putting that glass toy in her. The glass toy was too big, but we picked another one for later. She's never done anything anal on camera before. For my favorite part of the shoot, nearing the end of the day at sunset, we see her in a sheer white dress and sexy gold heels. Watching that tall, leggy girl walk is always sexy, and seeing the goods underneath makes it even sexier. She fingers herself again, then does herself anally with the smaller glass toy. Taking her heels off, she plays in the grass at this open park area, and does some acrobatics in front of some fishermen. She's lost that fear of public nudity, and was openly talking to people while half naked!
Sammy, our current cute blonde update is a spunky, free-loving girl, with a definite nerdy side to her. She's also extremely sexual, and at least from my perspective, horny all the time. After picking her up from the airport, and getting her comfy in her bedroom the first night, she started giving hints about her having me 'stay' for the night. Staying professional, I gave her my goodnight. The next day, she got more aggressive over time, and when she lost interest in masturbating somewhere in the middle of the day, she started coming after me. In this one outtake clip I captured, she literally grabs for my groin. Was she successful in hooking up? Well, that's classified...
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