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Скачать порно Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic / Белладонна: Фанатки фетиша через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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avatar Sakura

Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic (1-8) / Белладонна: Фанатки фетиша (1-8)

Год выпуска: 2005-2010
Страна: USA
Жанр: Lesbian, Gonzo, Fetish, Anal, Dildo, Enema, Footfuck, Domination, Submission, She-male, DAP, Pregnancy

Перевод: Отсутствует
Язык: Английский
Русские субтитры: нет

Режиссер: Belladonna
Студия: Evil Angel

Описание: В данной серии любимица публики Белладонна постаралась изучить все возможные виды фетиша при помощи своих подружек-лесбиянок и нескольких транников. Смотрим, любуемся.

Официальный сайт Белладонны: http://www.enterbelladonna.com/

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI

ТОРРЕНТ ФАЙЛ ОБНОВЛЕН - 07.07.210 Добавлена 8-я часть
Год выпуска: 2005
Продолжительность: 2:33
В ролях: Belladonna, Flower, Nina Hartley, Sandra Romain, Selena Silver, Tiana Lynn, Tiffany Mynx, John Jacobs
Описание: Belladonna's always been one kinky girl, but she really takes it to another level in this 2-disc DVD movie. She explores fetishes such as bondage, huge toys, squirting, feet and big asses. Nina Hartley takes a submissive Bella through the paces of S/M and fucks her in the ass.
Chapter 1 - Belladonna And Selena Silver: The film starts out with the gorgeous Selena Silver and Belladonna (her hair cropped shot in a very butch looking haircut that somehow manages to work for her regardless) making out with each other. Some kissing and breast play leads into the foot fetish aspect of their time together, which is the focus of this scene. Selena uses her toes on Belladonna's ass once things start to heat up, but then Belladonna takes over by hog-tying Selena with a rope so that she's bound at the ankles. She puts her legs up in the air and goes down on her for quite some time, and with plenty of enthusiasm. After that, Belladonna fucks Selena in the ass with a hefty butt plug and from there she fucks her ass with her toes. Selena gets up and uses some toys on her own ass for a minute or two before putting on some funky shoes that Belladonna gets down and dirty with. From there, Selena gets spanked by Bella's feet, before the scene finishes off with Selena getting both holes filled up by Belladonna's toy selection - a butt plug and a dildo and Selena in turn does the same to Belladonna. This is a solid session between the two girls, both of whom look really good here working with one another. They seem pretty into it, getting really aggressive at times which adds a little something to the scene.

Chapter 2 - Belladonna And Tiffany Mynx: The fetish focus in this second scene is big asses. Who doesn't love a good girl on girl big ass session? At any rate, it starts off with Belladonna doing some serious tongue work on Tiffany's ass and pussy after she's lead into the room leashed like a dog and set down on all fours. With Tiffany firmly primed up and ready to go, Belladonna pulls out a rather large black dildo and works it into Tiffany's box. While she's ramming her from behind she takes the time to spank her pretty regularly and also manages to get the toy into Tiffany's mouth a few times as well. With that out of the way, Belladonna attaches a big pink dildo to her mouth that she then proceeds to fuck her friend with. Tiffany in turn moves around to eat Belladonna's pussy out while Bella continues to cram her mouth dildo into her snatch. Once that's done, Belladonna lays Tiffany on her back so that she can spray her breast milk all over her - and she absolutely drenches her. Breast milk isn't my thing but if it's your kink, you'll dig this scene quite a bit as the action starts off with a bang and keeps up the pace until the end of the scene.

Chapter 3 - Belladonna And Sandra Romain: The action in this scene concentrates on sex toys, and they joy that they can bring to two lesbians. Belladonna starts the scene off by tonguing Sandra's poop shoot pretty aggressively. From there she uses a few fingers on her fuck friend and rims her a bit. More breast milk action is up next as she squirts her baby food into Sandra's open mouth, before Sandra in turn fists Belladonna's mouth. From there, Sandra produces a pretty large black dildo that she fucks Belladonna's mouth with, making her deep throat it and gag on it. With that out of the way with they move on to their next trick, which is basically Belladonna taking almost all of Sandra's foot into her mouth that leads way into some pussy fingering and muff diving. Not to lose focus, Sandra gets a dildo mounted on a drill and fucks Belladonna's mouth and then ass with it. From there they bust out the baseball bat that we saw in Belladonna's Fucking Girls Again and it goes right into Sandra's ass to an amazingly deep length. From there Belladonna breaks out a huge black dildo and continues to pummel Sandra's ass with it and Sandra finishes off the scene by squatting on the toy and taking it pretty much all the way in. Ouch.

Chapter 4 - Belladonna And Nina Hartley: In the last scene in the feature, Nina and Bella focus on bondage. When the scene begins, Nina puts Belladonna in a cage and makes her like her black leather boots. From there she takes Belladonna out of the cage and puts her over her knee to spank the living Hell out of her ass. Once that's done, she puts these weird suction cups on Belladonna's nipples and drains her breasts of all their milk. Moving right along, Nina adorns herself with a hefty strap on that she then fucks Belladonna in the ass with to finish the scene, riding her around the room like her own personal donkey.
Бонусы: Нет
Видео: XVID 512x384 29.97fps 1074-1219Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 114Kbps
[URL=http:// СПАМ
Год выпуска: 2006
Продолжительность: 5:42
В ролях: Belladonna, Kayla Marie, Dana Vespoli, Jade Hsu, Jenna Haze, Melissa Lauren, Sandra Romain
Описание: The fetishes: pantyhose, feet, bondage & discipline, ass toys and strap-ons, plus 7 VERY nasty girls! First Bella gets to fuck the VERY dirty-mouthed, Jenna! They spank each others asses RED and then play with each others holes. And those pantyhose...the icing on the cake! Next Jade and Bella get into their Japanese rope bondage harnesses and tease each other with their feet! Watch Bella take a massive 10" dong all the way inside her pussy! Sandra comes back, but this time to fuck up Melissa, and oh does she get fucked up. But before long, Melissa is doing some fucking up of her own on the usually dominant Sandra! Then, Dana comes over to play with some of Bella's new toys... in her ASS. Some of the most perverted sex toys you'll ever see entering both girls holes.. all at once! For the finale, Bella and Kayla. If you love stap-ons, this is the scene for you! It's a never-ending sword fight between the girls and lots of HOT strap-on penetrating action!
Chapter 1 - Belladonna And Kayla Marie: This one wastes no time getting straight into the action. Belladonna is decked out in some fishnets and lingerie and sporting a strap-on. Kayla goes down on it and sucks it for a bit before getting on top of it and riding it cowgirl style, then doggy style. From there, Kayla puts on a pink strap on and Belladonna more or less repeats the same procedure - she sucks it, gags on it and then fucks it. From there, the girls sixty-nine each other, both with the strap-ons still there, and then Kayla stands up and Bella slams her from behind. In between the strap-on fucking there's some oral, a lot of tonguing, and some toe sucking in here as well.

Chapter 2 - Belladonna And Dana Vispoli: This scene is all about the ass! The girls kiss and fondle each other a bit before getting down to the nitty-gritty, at which point Dana gets down on all fours so that Belladonna can eat her ass and pussy from behind. From there she uses a butt plug on her and some anal beads, working them all the way into her backdoor. Once Dana's been taken care of Bella gets down on all fours and Dana goes down on her snatch and her ass as well. From there, Dana uses a vibrating butt plug on her and fingers her a bit before sticking her toe in Belladonna's ass.

Chapter 3 - Belladonna And Jade Hsu: There was some mild foot fetish play in the first two scenes but in the third one, that becomes the focus of the action. Jade and Bella start the scene by kissing, both of them sporting some bondage gear made out of ropes. From there Belladonna eats Jade out and uses her fingers and her tongue on the girl's clit. She works her way down to her feet and sucks on her toes. They switch back and forth a bit with Bella sucking on Jade and then Jade sucking on Belladonna before Jade breaks out a pink dildo and Belladonna sucks it off while she holds it with her feet.

Chapter 4 - Belladonna And Jenna Haze: These girls like to play dress up! The focus of the penultimate scene on this first disc is pantyhose and both Belladonna and Jenna are decked out in some fine ass hosiery that shows off their curvy legs and which have a sort of plaid/tartan print on them. The girls enter the frame and tongue kiss, playing around with each other to warm up for a few seconds before Jenna bends over for some spanking. From there Belladonna gets her on all fours so that she can eat her ass and her pussy out from behind, getting her tongue right in there. Jenna flips over and Belladonna goes done on her somethin' fierce! Then it's Bella's turn and she gets down on all fours so that Jenna can fuck her in the ass with a pink vibrator, using her tongue on her at the same time.

Chapter 5 - Melissa Lauren And Sandra Romain: When this last scene begins (you can find it on the second disc in the set), the only one in which Belladonna does not participate, Sandra Romain is decked out in some PVC fetish garb with knee high black boots and fishnets on - she looks pretty smoking hot too, I might add. At any rate, Melissa comes in and it's time for some domination playtime. Sandra dives right into her ass and slaps her around pretty harshly, spitting on her a bit before fingering her cunt. She fucks her from behind with the handle of her crop, then binds her legs before forcing her to suck the crop. Sandra gets on all fours and has Melissa spread her pussy from behind and spank it. From there Sandra gets Melissa back on her hands and knees so she can fuck her ass with a big black butt plug. Sandra sits back and spreads her legs so Melissa can fuck her in the ass with a red sex toy and eat her cunt at the same time. Melissa then fucks Sandra in the ass with her foot, before Sandra throws her back on the floor and rides her face and tongue. The girls sixty-nine like rabid dogs, smacking and screaming at each other to finish off the scene.
Бонусы: Трейлеры, съемки за кадром
Видео: XVID 512x384 29.97fps 1074-1219Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 114Kbps
[URL=http:// СПАМ
Год выпуска: 2006
Продолжительность: 2:39
В ролях: Delilah Strong, Gianna, Katja Kassin, Lexi Love, Nikki Loren, Roxy DeVille, Sara Stone, Belladonna
Описание: Bella keeps getting more and more hardcore with every new film, and the trend continues with Fetish Fanatic #3. This movie has everything for the fetish connoisseur, from big tits, foot-fetish and toe sucking to giant dildos and a hot transsexual superstar - Vanity! Who knows what she's going to do next, but whatever your fetish fantasy - Belladonna's bound to satisfy it sooner or later!
Chapter 1 - Belladonna And Delilah Strong: This first scene starts off with Belladonna eating Delilah's pussy and fingering her clit while she sits spread wide open for her in the bathroom. After she eats her pussy and her ass, she hands Delilah a banana and licks her clit as Delilah fucks her own pussy with the fruit. Bella peels it and eats it from her pussy, and then she spreads her legs so that Delilah can work on her pussy and ass with her mouth and tongue. Bella rolls over on her side and takes a banana up her ass, which finds its way into her mouth a couple of times too before Delilah spits on her twat and fucks her cunt with a carrot. At this point, she's DP'd by food! Bella gets down on all fours and finger fucks herself while Delilah uses the carrot on her asshole, which is then spread wide open for some gap shot photography. The kiss and then suck each other's tits before Belladonna takes a cucumber and crams it into Delilah's pretty pink box. She rubs her tongue all over her friend's cunt while she fingers herself and squirts all over the tile floor. After the cucumber games are done Delilah takes a carrot up her asshole, before using a cob of corn inside her pussy (again getting DP'd by food!). After that, Belladonna bends over and takes a lime up her ass, pulling it in and out with her muscles and letting Delilah play with it a bit, catching it in her mouth. After that it's Delilah's turn to take the lime and she does, right into her cunt. From there Bella brings out what this writer can only assume is a gourd of some sort, or maybe a strange squash. At any rate, it's a long vegetable, at least a foot and a half in length, and it finds its way right into Delilah's cunt and Belladonna's mouth. After that Belladonna takes it in her pussy and then in her ass, before the girls kiss each other and end the scene.

Chapter 2 - Katja Kassin And Nikki Loren: Katja's ass is under glass when this one starts, and then she spits onto her nipples for the camera. Nikki comes into the frame and the kiss before squishing their naked bottoms against the glass pane and sucking on each other's tits. They move upstairs and Nikki gets on all fours so that Katja can eat her pussy and asshole from behind while using her fingers on her. She sucks on her toes and then flips her onto her back so she can rub her cunt and eat her some more. Nikki pulls her legs up over her shoulders so that her playmate can fuck her pussy with a glass dildo, which soon finds its way into her ass as well. The girls move into a sixty-nine and finger fuck one another in the back door, and then Katja gets on all fours and takes the same dildo up her ass. There's some more oral for Katja who sits her ass right down on Nikki's face, as well as some spanking before they go back to some more sixty-nine action. They tongue kiss and then Katja takes a different, larger glass dildo up her ass, which she seems to really get off on as she bucks her hips into it pretty aggressively. From there Nikki assume the position and takes a big pink vibrator into her ass, rubbing her pussy frantically as she gets fucked. The girls bring out a double ended dong and suck it before fucking one another in the cunt and the mouth with the toy, ending the scene.

Chapter 3 - Belladonna, Gianna And Sarah Stone: Gianna and Sarah do a strip tease for Belladonna showing off their big tits and curvy bodies for her. Belladonna soon joins them on the pole and takes off their tops so that they can suck each other's nipples while she rubs them. They girls smother one another with their tits and lay on top of each other before Belladonna sits down on the couch at which point they come over and cram their tits into her face and force her to lick and suck them. She makes the girls rub one another and then breaks out a massive black double-ended dong that they proceed to suck on. They titty fuck the toy and suck it some more before Belladonna makes them go down on one another and use the toy to rub off on. They eat one another's pussies, while Belladonna spanks them with her riding crop before getting in on some of the muff diving action herself. She then lubes up a big fuck toy and proceeds to slide it into Sarah's cunt as Gianna rubs her to a climax. Gianna takes the toy in her cunt and sits down on it, before Sarah gives it head and cleans her juices right off of it. They slide it into Sarah's cunt and Belladonna sucks on her tits while she rides it, then the two big titted beauties get on all fours so that Belladonna can fuck both of them from behind with dildos at the same time. The girls suck the toys clean and finish up the scene lapping at the fake cocks.

Chapter 4 - Lexi Love And Roxy Deville: The two girls are wearing open toed shoes and sitting on the couch playing with each other's toys. Roxy gets Lexi's shoe off first and starts sucking on her toes, and then Lexi returns the favor. They go back and fourth enjoying each other's feet and legs for a bit, before Lexi takes Roxy's top off and starts sucking on her nipples. She rubs her feet on Roxy's tits and puts them in her mouth while they each suck each other's toes at the same time. Soon Roxy's panties are off and her pussy is being eaten out while Lexi works her fingers in between her toes for the camera. After Roxy's been finger fucked and had her gash eaten out, she takes out a black dildo and makes Lexi fuck her more with the toy. She rubs her feet on it as she gets fucked by it, while Lexi rubs her nipples on her toes. After that Lexi finally gets to bend over to have her pussy worked on by Roxy's tongue, which also spends some quality time with her toes as well. Her pussy is eaten and fingered for a bit before a different black dildo comes into play and finds its way into her mouth and then her beaver, Roxy sucking her toes all the while. She gets on her back with her legs spread so that Roxy can have full access to her fun zone, and then the girls take out a pink double-ended dong and start to play with it. They put it in each other's mouths and then get down on all fours to take it in their pussies ass-to-ass style. They roll over and get on their backs and fuck themselves silly with the toy bringing it all to a very wet climax.

Chapter 5 - Belladonna And Vanity: The final scene, and the only one on the second disc, finds Belladonna making out with a tranny named Vanity. She eats Vanity's ass for a bit and then gives her head before sucking her feet. Belladonna deep throats Vanity really aggressively and from a few different angles for quite some time before fingering her ass. Once the oral is over with Belladonna puts on a strap on and fucks Vanity up the ass with it and while this is going on Vanity strokes her cock and Belladonna manages to bend over far enough to blow her at the same time. Vanity sucks Bella's strap on before getting down on all fours for more ass fucking, stroking her cock all the while. Bella gives her head and fingers her own ass for a bit, and then gets on all fours so that Vanity can give her oral before fucking her in the asshole while she fingers herself. Belladonna has Vanity sit back on the couch and rides her cock reverse cowgirl style up the ass, and then sucks her off again.
Бонусы: Нет
Видео: XVID 512x384 29.97fps 1090Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 119Kbps
Год выпуска: 2006
Продолжительность: 5:02
В ролях: Briana Love, Claire Adams, Danielle Foxxx, Katsumi, Sandra Romain, Sasha Grey, Vicki Richter, Belladonna
Описание: The fetishes: deep throating, water play, control, submission, she-males, pregnancy, plus 8 VERY nasty girls! First Bella and Katsumi are together for the first time. Both have very amazing oral skills.. See who's the best! Next Bella and newcomer, Sasha Grey, get intimate.. then sexy. Watch Sasha get her holes throughly washed-out, including a milk enema! In undoubtedly Bella's roughest, hardest girl/girl scenes, Sandra takes 110% total control over Bella and turns into her hand and foot puppet. Be amazed as Bella's ass eats an entire 10 inch dildo, only to followed by a giant black butt plug! But wait.. there's more! Claire wants to have her turn with Bella. Watch a truly experienced dominatrix bring the godess of love to her knees, and total submission. If you saw the last chapter of Fetish Fanatic, you would have seen Bella with a she-male. She felt that wasn't enough. She takes on 2 she-males this time around, and works in a nice double anal for you all! A very pregnant Briana gets a visit by Dr. Sinclair... or was it all just a dream? Nobody loves a pregnant girl like Bella.. enjoy it like she did! And finally a Bonus masturbation scene by, none other than, "the" Belladonna.
Chapter 1 - Belladonna And Katsumi: Wow. Is this a match made in Heaven or what? These two completely fucking hot women waste no time at all getting down and dirty with one another. Bella throws Katsumi against the wall and starts slurping at her ass through her dress before pulling it up and tasting the real thing. After a bit of that Belladonna leans against the wall and hikes her dress up so that Katsumi can eat her pussy. They break out a double-ended black mamba of a dildo and each suck an end of it before Katsumi pushes it down her throat. Katsumi gets down on all fours and Belladonna eats her pussy and her ass from behind, and then she slips a butt plug up there and eats her pussy. She slips a few fingers into Katsumi's ass and then that black dildo finds its way up there. They move into a sixty-nine, and then Belladonna lies back and spreads her legs so Katsumi can eat her ass while she sucks a dildo. They share the double-ended dong and suck it together again, then Belladonna slides it into Katsumi's pussy from behind. Bella fingers her pussy and her ass and they bring the scene to an end. HOT STUFF. If you're a fan of either of these two ladies, seeing them in action together here is a real treat. They're obviously way into each other and what they're doing and the both look fantastic and fuck like the pros that they are.

Chapter 2 - Belladonna And Sasha Gray: This scene starts with Belladonna in bed and Sasha looking at her. They talk while Belladonna works a butt plug up her ass. They both look very nice as they get things started, and soon Belladonna climbs on top of Sasha and they start kissing. They rub up against each other and Bella crams her fingers into her mouth, then Sasha thrusts her ass up in the air and Bella eats it like a starving dog. Bella gets a butt plug up her ass again and then Sasha rubs her pussy against her leg and crotch and slaps her in the face. Sasha moves her pussy up to Bella's face and sits on it, and then they move to the Jacuzzi. They both get in and start kissing then Belladonna puts a purple dildo into Sasha's mouth and down her throat. Sasha spreads her legs and Bella fucks her pussy with the big purple dildo, and then they switch spots so that Sasha can fuck Belladonna's pussy. Sasha deep throats a black dildo, and then they suck each other's tongues and spit into one another's mouths. Sasha bends over and spreads her legs so that Bella can fuck her in the ass with the dildo but it can only go in so far so instead she eats her asshole, going back and forth with her tongue and the toy. The dildo then goes into Sasha's mouth then Belladonna gives her a water injection that she makes her hold in her snatch as long as she can. She squirts it out, Belladonna slaps her tits, and then she gives her a milk enema, which shoots out her asshole. Sasha squirts it out then they kiss and end another really hot scene. Holy crap is Sasha ever hot. We need to see more of her now.

Chapter 3 - Belladonna And Sandra Romain: In this scene, Bella's dressed up like a little girl and talking like one too. She is sitting in the corner whining and her hair is in pigtails and she has fake freckles painted on her face. Sandra comes in and pulls her mouth open hard. She slams her in the ass like she's fucking her from behind, and then she gives her a serious spanking. Bella's panties come off and Sandra rubs her pussy and then fucks her snatch with a big black vibrator. She pumps her hard with the toy and uses her feet to pull it in and out of her and Bella's snatch gets stretched. Sandra shoves her foot into Belladonna's pussy and crams her fingers into her mouth, before pulling her fingers out and fucking her throat with a big clear plastic dildo. Sandra then uses that dildo on Belladonna's ass, cramming it all the way in to the rim. From there she puts the dildo in Bella's pussy and slips a big ol' butt plug into her ass at the same time. After that they head into the bathtub and Sandra makes Bella run cold water over her pussy while she rubs her clit for her and fucks her with that same dildo. From there Sandra sits on Belladonna's face and rubs her pussy all over her mouth, then Belladonna lies back with her legs spread while Sandra walks on her chest and tits while Sandra makes her take the running water into her mouth to end the scene. This one was also pretty hot. Sandra completely dominates Belladonna, and Belladonna seems really into it (judging by the commentary track - more on that later - she was).

Chapter 4 - Belladonna And Claire Adams: When this scene starts both girls are in hot pink fetish gear. Bella is chained up like a dog on a leash and Claire is walking her around. Claire gets on top of Bella and plays with her pussy lips and smacks her around while she makes Bella use a dildo on her pussy with her mouth. They pump Bella's mouth up with air as far as it'll go then Claire sucks Belladonna's tits before getting her on all fours and fingering her pussy and asshole. She flips her over and eats her muff, and then she fists her pussy before fucking her cunt with her foot. Claire eats her out again and then Bella bends over so Claire can nibble at her ass and snatch from behind. Bella fingers her own ass for the camera then Claire puts on a strap on which Bella deep throats. Claire lies down so Belladonna can fuck her in the ass with a dildo and suck on her toes at the same time. After that Belladonna rides Claire's strap on cowgirl style and then reverse cowgirl style. Bella licks Claire's asshole and eats her pussy from behind and then sucks on her tits for a bit before sucking the strap on and bending over so that Claire can fuck her in the ass with it. The two girls kiss and end this really hot scene (which runs almost an hour).

Chapter 5 - Belladonna, Danielle Foxx And Vicki Richter: Dani and Vicki, the two she-males, kiss to get this scene going. They stroke each other and move into the bathroom where Bella is wearing a leash. They kiss and Bella gets her asshole eaten out while she sucks Vicki's cock. From there Danielle piledrive's Bella's snatch, then she blows Vicki while Danielle fucks her from behind. Bella's ass gets stretched wide and she rides Dani's cowgirl style taking it up the ass and then does the same thing with Vicki. Vicki gives Dani head while Bella eats her ass. This scene didn't work so well. You probably have to be into she-he's to get off on this, and baby, it just ain't my thang. Next!

Chapter 6 - Belladonna And Brianna Love: Bella's dressed as a nurse and she has to listen to Brian's (Briana is pregnant in this scene) heart beat. She starts to suck her nipples then listens to her pussy and pulls her panties down. She licks her snatch and fingers her pussy for her before Briana gets on all fours and Bella slaps a piece of rubber over her ass which she then uses to tongue her with. She finger's Briana's asshole then fucks her ass with a butt plug while using a dildo on her pussy. Bella then licks her feet before sticking having Briana stick her big toe up her asshole while she rubs her pussy. Bella then sits on her face so Briana can eat her out before getting on all fours so Briana can fuck her in the ass with a dildo while she fingers her pussy. Bella takes a butt plug up the ass and then Brian lies down with her legs spread to take a vibrator in her pussy which makes her squirt all over the bed. Belladonna laps it all up and the scene finishes. Once again, hot stuff. Prego or not, Briana looks great and Belladonna in the nurse's outfit is a nice touch.

Chapter 7 - Belladonna: This solo scene features her in bed, licking her fingers and fingering her pussy. She spreads her pussy lisp and rubs herself off, cramming a few fingers in there for good measure. She deep throats a purple dildo and then fucks her pussy with it and then she rolls over and takes a butt plug up the ass. She fingers her ass for a bit then uses a black dildo on it. She lubes up and fingers her ass some more then slips a test tube up there which she licks off to end a very nice masturbation scene.
Бонусы: Съемки за кадром
Видео: XVID 720x480 23.98fps 866-1298Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

Год выпуска: 2006
Продолжительность: 7:21
В ролях: Angela Stone, Ariel X, Claire Adams, Hollie Stevens, Keeani Lei, Kitty, Lorelei Lee, Max Makita, Sierra Sinn, Belladonna
Описание: The fetishes: enemas, foot fetish, squirting, latex, strap-ons, pupply play, plus 10 VERY nasty girls! First Bella and Lorelei prepare for their night of partying. If nothing else, you ALWAYS do your enemas before going out to party! Next Ariel and Kitty enjoy a little foot play. Lots of toe sucking, sole licking and foot swallowing to be had this day! Sierra and Angela are horny. No where to run, no where to hide, except for Bella's personal bathroom. What ensues next will have HELL to pay when Bella walks in on them drenching the walls in their squirting frenzy! Bella is back again, this time with latex lover, Hollie! Watch Bella make colored condoms and marble eggs disappear and reappear like magic! None of Bella's holes are left unfulfilled! But wait.. there's more! Max and Keeani wish they had cocks. Bella answers their prayers! What else do two girls with cocks do to each other? Fuck every hole in ever position imaginable! And finally, in what has already been considered the most contraversial scene of 2006, Bella and Claire delve into PUPPY PLAY! The two girls act out their most intimate of fantasies and leave EVERYONE satisfied!
Chapter 1 - Belladonna And Lorelei Lee: Belladonna sits on the toiler and she and Lorelei talk for a bit. Lorelei squirts some water out of her ass and onto the toilet after Bella shoots some up there with what looks like a little turkey-baster. They do the 'fill her up and let her squirt' trick for a few minutes, then Bella lubes her ass up and fucks it with a dildo. She finger fucks her fairly violently, the dildo still up her ass, and then she eats her out. From there they get into the tub and kiss for a bit. Lorelei sucks her tits and then they squeeze their nipples. Lorelei spreads her legs and gets her cunt fucked by a big pink dildo, and then she sucks on Bella's feet for a bit. Bella brings out a massive purple dong and Lorelei tries to get it all into her throat. From there Lorelei fits a good portion of it into Bella's pussy and she rides it for a while as Lorelei laps away at her clit. Lorelei fingers her and eats her, and then she lies back and spreads her legs so that Belladonna can fuck her pussy with that same massive purple dong. After that Bella rides a pink dildo with her ass, which Lorelei periodically sucks, and then she takes a dildo in her pussy at the same time. Lorelei gets on all fours and Bella fucks her in the ass with a yellow dildo, fingering herself at the same time and making Lorelei's ass gape so we can see the weird yellow goop she's poured in there.

Chapter 2 - Ariel X And Kitty: The girls wander around in heels and fishnets for a bit and then start kissing and rubbing up against one another, the emphasis here clearly on the feet. Kitty eats Ariel's pussy and then slips some of her toes inside while Ariel pushes her foot against Kitty's neck. They grind their cunts into one another and slap each other in the face with their feet and suck their toes. Ariel sits on Kitty's face and rubs her feet along her torso and then Ariel eats Kitty out for a bit and rubs her fishnets along her snatch before fucking her with her foot. Kitty uses her feet to fuck Ariel with a dildo, and then she sucks on her toes. After that Kitty uses her feet to fuck Ariel in the ass with a different toy before using some anal beads on her. Ariel fucks Kitty's pussy using a dildo with her feet, and the girls finish it all off by sucking each other's feet and kissing.

Chapter 3 - Angela Stone And Sierra Sinn: Sierra sits on the toilet and rubs herself until she squirts all over Angela's face. Angela laps it up and makes her squirt more, and they kiss. She fucks Sierra's pussy with a big dildo and she squirts into Angela's mouth. Sierra gets down on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks so that Angela can rub herself until she squirts all over her ass, and then Angela licks Sierra's ass and they kiss again. They spit on each other and lick it up, then Sierra fucks Angela's ass with a dildo. They swap spit some more then Angela sucks off a big dildo and they kiss more. Angela takes a length of anal beads up her ass, Sierra takes them out and puts them in her mouth. After that, Sierra takes the beads up her ass and Angela makes her deep throat a dildo until she gags. Sierra takes that dildo up her ass, and then Belladonna shows up and rubs herself until she squirts all over the two girls.

Chapter 4 - Belladonna And Hollie Stevens: The two girls are decked out in latex fetish gear. Belladonna rubs Hollie's tits, and then eats her pussy. Belladonna bends over and Hollie spanks her ass and eats her from behind before Belladonna slips a condom on her finger and finger fucks her pussy with it. Belladonna bends over and takes a massive black dildo up her ass, and then she crams a condom into Hollie's pussy, which she licks and then fucks with a green dildo. She makes Hollie suck the dildo, and then Hollie fucks Belladonna with yet another big black dong that is air inflatable once it's inserted into her pussy. Holli eats Belladonna out, then bends over so that Belladonna can fuck her pussy with that same toy. Hollie sucks the toy then Belladonna tries to deep throat it before she takes it up her ass. Hollie then uses some anal beads on Belladonna and there's some creepy anal gaping action. Belladonna sucks the beads clean then plays with Hollie's tits and fingers her until she's good and squishy wet. Hollie puts a condom on her finger and fucks Belladonna in the ass, then the girls put the rubber into their mouths and suck it together. Hollie pulls another condom out of Belladonna's pussy with her mouth, they share it and kiss.

Chapter 5 - Keeani Lei And Max Makita: Max throws Keeani up against the wall and they kiss, each one wearing a strap on. Keeani sucks Max's toy, and deep throats it and then Max makes Keeani suck off her own strap on (she's a flexible little thing). Keeani sucks Max some more, and then Max rubs Keeani's cock with her feet as she does the same. Keeani lies down and Max rides her strap on cowgirl style as Keeani uses a vibrating bullet on her clit. Max turns around and rides her reverse cowgirl for a bit, and then she gets down on all fours so that Keeani can fuck her in the ass with it. Max sucks Keeani off, and then Keeani rides Max's cock reverse cowgirl style and then cowgirl style. Keeani sucks the strap on clean, and then takes it in her ass reverse cowgirl style. Keeani rolls over and Max fucks her in the ass while she uses a vibrator on herself and then Keeani gets on all fours for more of the same. Max makes Keeani suck the toy again, and then takes it up the ass reverse cowgirl style so Max can rub her pussy while she fucks her.

Chapter 6 - Belladonna And Claire Adams: Belladonna and Claire are muzzled in a crate and acting like dogs. They get out and Claire dry humps Belladonna for a bit and they play fight while Belladonna takes a dildo with a tail on the end up her ass as does Claire. Belladonna gets on all fours and Claire fucks her in the ass with a strap on, and then she makes Belladonna suck it clean. She fucks Belladonna some more and slaps her in the face in rhythm before choking her. Belladonna sucks the tail end of the toy up Claire's ass and works it in and out with her mouth before eating Claire's pussy. They kiss, and then Belladonna fucks Claire with a pyrex dildo first in the pussy and then in the pussy and the ass at the same time. Belladonna gets fucked in the ass with the tail-ended dong, and then Claire fucks her ass with a pyrex dildo while she slaps her pussy. Claire fucks Belladonna's pussy with her foot, the dildo still in her ass, then Belladonna stands up and rubs herself until she squirts everywhere. Claire squirts into a dog's water dish and Belladonna yelps and begs for it, then laps it all up. That's some fucked up shit right there.
Бонусы: Съемки за кадром
Видео: XVID 480x352 29.97fps 1010-1417Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 132-133Kbps
[URL=http:// СПАМ
Год выпуска: 2007
Продолжительность: 3:00
В ролях: August, Claire Adams, Katarina Kat, Rebeca Linares, Roxy DeVille, Sammie Rhodes, Belladonna
Описание: Fanatical fans of lesbian love should check out Belladonna's latest all-girl-girl epic - where dazzling babes like Rebeca Linares, Roxy DeVille and August get down with toys, fingers and tongues. Belladonna and sweet Sammie Rhodes lick melting ... Full Descriptionice cream off each other, and Kazakh contortionist Katrina Kat joins Claire Adams in some crazy poses and stretches before they fuck as only two horny young ladies can.
Chapter 1 - Belladonna And August Knight: The focus of this scene is 'tight' so it makes sense for the two girls to start off wearing colored tights. Bella spanks August and then bends over with her ass up so that August can eat her from behind. Belladonna spreads August's legs and fucks her pussy with a ribbed dildo while she sucks her clit. From there, Bella sits down and spreads her legs so August can insert a dildo in her that inflates by way of a handy air pump. After that, Belladonna gets down on all fours and August fucks her with a giant phallus, intentionally creating suction resulting in some air expulsion noises. August gets on all fours so Bella can fuck her with a dildo and eat her ass, and then the girls go ass to ass with a double-ended dong. They sixty-nine for a bit and then August sucks on Belladonna's feet to end the scene.

Chapter 2 - Claire Adams And Katrina Kat: These two girls are gonna get flexible! Katrina puts Claire against the wall and kisses her while she lifts her leg up to her head. Claire sits Kat down and eats her pussy before moving up and sitting on her face at which point Kat really goes to town on her. Kat lies down and Claire bends over her to kiss her and finger her, leaving her ass up in the air for the camera. Kat eats Claire's pussy again and then Claire gets on all fours to take a glass dildo up her ass. Kat sticks some vibrating beads up Claire's ass and then the two girls find a flexible double-ended dildo to share with each other. Claire arches over, her hands and feet on the floor, and Kat uses the dildo to fuck her from that angle. They crawl all over one another using the toy as they can, and periodically breaking for oral. They end the scene by holding each other's heels while Kat fucks her pussy with a dildo and Claire fucks her ass with a dong and then busting into more crazy stretch fucking and gymnastic move sucking.

Chapter 3 - Belladonna And Rebecca Linares: The girls start off by romping around together in bed while the kiss and suck on each other's necks and tits. They sit across from each other, legs spread, and suck on one another's heels and then on their toes. They rub their feet on their tits and then Rebecca starts eating Belladonna out while Belladonna smacks Rebecca's ass with her feet. From there Rebecca fits a good portion of her foot into Belladonna's snatch and fucks her with it, and then they play around with a dildo that Bella holds in place with her feet for Rebecca to suck on. Bella fucks Rebecca's pussy with the toy, using her feet to pull it in and out. Rebecca takes it out and uses her feet to fuck Bella's mouth with it and then her pussy. The girls pull it out and suck it and then Belladonna inserts a beaded necklace into Rebecca's pussy while she's down on all fours. Bella's up next for the beaded necklace treatment and then the scene closes.

Chapter 4 - Belladonna And Roxy De Ville: The two girls are running around in bunny outfits, playing with each other and kissing and licking. Bella starts licking Roxy's ass and they start to really get into this as it goes on for a while. Bella gives Roxy an enema and then lies down and masturbates so that Roxy can expel it on her pussy. Belladonna gets down on all fours and Roxy slips a line of anal beads into her ass. Roxy spreads her legs and Bella finger bangs her while Roxy holds herself open with two hands. They play with a massive dildo then Belladonna sucks Roxy's toes. Roxy fingers Belladonna then slips a toe or two into her pussy. Bella gets down on all fours and Roxy goes to town on her ass and pussy and then slips her big toe and most of her foot into Bella's asshole. Bella then fucks Roxy's pussy with her foot while she masturbates and then Roxy holds the giant dildo in place while Belladonna gets as much into her as she can. Roxy then eats Belladonna's muff for a bit and then they kiss to close the scene.

Chapter 5 - Belladonna And Sammie Rhodes: The girls are outside in their swimsuits sharing and ice cream cone. The ice cream gets all over them and they start making out. Bella rubs it all over her tits and Sammie licks it off and then Sammie does the same thing for Bella. From there, Sammie gets down on all fours and Bella sticks a maraschino cherry into her ass. Bella gets on her back and spreads her legs so Sammie can eat her out, and they take turns sucking each other's feet and pussies before Sammie starts stuffing cherries into Belladonna's snatch and ass. The bust out some whipped crиme and cover Bella's pussy with it then Sammie pulls Belladonna's ass open wide enough that she's able to spit a cherry into it before fucking it with her foot while Bella rubs herself off. Bella fucks Sammie's pussy with her foot, they then suck their feet, and the scene comes to a finish when Bella shoots whipped crиme on Sammie's ass and then licks and fingers it.
Бонусы: Нет
Видео: XVID 480x352 23.98fps 902-909Kbps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 170Kbps
[URL=http:// СПАМ
Год выпуска: 2009
Продолжительность: 3:30
В ролях: Alexa Jordan, Bobbi Starr, Charlotte Vale, Julie Night, Kimberly Kane, Lexi Belle, Olga Cabaeva, Roxy DeVille, Sinn Sage, Belladonna
Описание: Belladonna's new fetishistic exploration covers a multitude of sexual fixations, from hairy bushes to medical domination to pussy shaving to animal costumes, with lots and lots of footsucking and feet play for the true fanatics. A perverted all-girl cast full of Bella's adventurous friends (lovely Bobbi Starr, cutiepie Lexi Belle, sexy glasses-wearing Sinn Sage, and more) make Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 7 a cornucopia of lesbian eroticism... with something to please the sex fiend in us all!
Бонусы: Нет
Видео: Xvid 576x320 23.98fps 990 kbps (disc1, disc2), XVID 720x416 23.98fps 927Kbps (disc3)
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 126Kbps (disc1, disc2), MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 103Kbps (disc3)
[URL=http:// СПАМ
Год выпуска: 2010
Продолжительность: 3:56:05
В ролях: Monique Alexander, Sinn Sage, Charley Chase, Adrianna Nicole, Kaci Starr, Sindee Jennings, Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Andy San Dimas, AnnMarie Rios, Amy Brooke, Allie Haze, Proxy Paige
Описание: Director Belladonna's Fetish Fanatic Chapter 8 is a double-disc load of girl-girl charm, each of six lovingly shot scenes portraying the fun of a distinct kink. The eye-catching first scene features Ann Marie Rios and Monique Alexander hobbled by custom wooden devices lashed to their legs. Unable to walk in their bindings, they worship each other's body, with lustful toe sucking and pussy eating. In a scene subtitled 'Scent Of A Woman,' natural-jugged Latina Charley Chase and hot Andy San Dimas share a fetish for armpits. The girls languidly lick, sniff and drool and drool into their own and each other's, with breaks for tickle fetish, armpit-flavored 69 and deep rim jobs.
SinDee Jennings, Kaci Starr and Bobbi Starr come together for a sexy, hairy threesome featuring forests of luxuriant pubic foliage. Kaci and Bobbi sport dense, bushy thickets. The ladies kiss, make out, play with, lap and bury their faces in cunt shrubbery. Dominant Sinn Sage reddens the ass of submissive Proxy Paige in a long, thorough spanking session. Sinn's hands and a paddle echo as they thrash Proxy's ass, which protrudes so invitingly from a school chair. If you like butt worship, face-sitting and smother fetish, Alexis Texas and Kristina Rose will thrill you as much as they do each other. Incorrigible Kristina buries her nose in Alexis' fragrant anus and sniffs. The girls take turns burying their faces in each other's breathtakingly comely cheeks and exchange deep, wet rim jobs between soulful, appropriately breathless mouth kisses. On the beach in broad daylight, Sergeant Adrianna Nicole drills Privates Allie Haze and Amy Brooke with soaking enema training! This 'All Girl Bootcamp' climaxes with Amy's stunning, round ass fountain spraying plumes of enema water onto Allie.
Бонусы: Нет
Видео: 576x320 (1.80:1), 23.976 fps, XviD Final 1.0.3 (build 37) ~1233 kbps avg, 0.28 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~127.23 kbps avg
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