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Скачать порно Sissy Sex Slave / Женоподобная Шлюшка-Секс-Рабыня через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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Sissy Sex Slave

Студия: Transfetish Productions
Жанр: FemDom, Strapon, Feminization, Anal, Dildo, Fetish, Spanking, Bi Oral, Enema, Submales, Rubber/Latex
В Ролях: Lexi Sindel Marcos J.J. John Kendra James Jade Madison
Продолжительность: 01:22:03 Описание: Get ready to suck sissy slut! Join us for real sissy slut training! She makes him her Sissy Sex Slave forever!!
Review: Reviewer: Corva Siouan Date: 7/06/2009
Source: Aebn
Jade Madison is an experienced sissy slut by now, having appeared in three previous sissification titles for Transfetish Productions. In every instance, though, the transformation feels as thrilling as if it were the first time. Sissy Sex Slave brings a new and rather dark premise into the mix: Jade is taken from a bar in Mexico and shipped to an undisclosed location in a wooden crate because Lexi Sindel has bought him and is going to turn him into her sissy slave. She tells him to forget about everything that happened before because he’s her property now. Jade is remarkably compliant for someone who’s received such shocking news, but maybe it’s because part of him likes the idea. Lexi inspects her new property, finding him to have a tight little ass and a girly way about him that means he won’t be hard to transform. She’s pleased, he’s confused, and we’re about to witness another stunning transformation from one of the best sissy boys in the fetish film world.

With his wrists and ankles cuffed and his cock and balls in a stainless steel cage, Jade doesn’t have a lot of options, but it’s also Lexi’s confident psychological domination that allows her to take ownership of her slave. She makes him sit on a chair that she had specially made, with a cock to go up his ass and a hole where his genitals can be reached from beneath. As Lexi makes Jade ride the cock and like it, he finally starts to put up a little resistance, but she nips it in the bud with her commanding presence. He doesn’t even wince when she injects him with hormones to begin his transformation. It’s hard to believe Lexi hasn’t done this on film before. The dynamic here is clear and it’s a pleasure to watch a new diva’s arrival on the fetish film scene.

One possible complaint is that the film spends little time showing Lexi applying Jade’s makeup and hairpiece. If you enjoy watching detailed sissy metamorphosis, then you might find this omission a negative in an otherwise great transformation. She grooms him into her new girl with a frilly pink outfit, and we can already see Jade’s psychological change taking place in the way s/he adjusts the hair and blouse, making sure it all sits just right. When Lexi shows Jade how to put on stockings the right way, the sissy gets it right the first time. She’s remarkably graceful in six-inch stiletto heels, and with the black corset and garter belt in place, Jade makes one of the prettiest sissies you’ll ever see. She could make a lot of money for Mistress as a sissy slut out on the streets, and that’s just what she’s going to do. Next, Jade has to practice standing on those killer heels while Lexi rams a rod-mounted butt plug on a rolling platform up her sissy ass, so she’ll be prepared for whenever a some well-hung stud wants to ass-fuck her in an alley. This is going to be Jade’s only ass training session before hitting the streets to make money, Lexi announces, so it had better be good. Lexi leaves Jade to stand in those heels overnight with her sissy asshole getting stretched and her wrists cuffed overhead.

The next morning, Jade’s asshole is still looking tight, so Lexi takes pity on the sissy and tests it with an inflatable butt plug that she leaves inside while changing Jade into her new work clothes. Jade is going to wear a white tank top that declares her status as a cock-loving sissy slut, a little schoolgirl skirt, and a sheer white jacket trimmed with feathers. Now that the training wheels are off, the shoes get changed to a lovely pair of pink platforms that actually look more comfortable than those stilettos. Since Jade is starting off at the bottom, she’s going to have to work the truck stop, sucking off anybody who wants it. Lexi drives her to the truck stop, sits her down on the toilet in a nasty single bathroom, and pins up a sign announcing a special on five-dollar blowjobs. With one hand cuffed to the metal bar next to the toilet and a bit of trashy bling, Jade gets a humiliating lecture from Lexi that puts her in her place as a whore who has to earn the right to a hotel room. It’s not long before Jade gets her first customer, a guy drinking a beer and just looking to take a leak. When he sees Jade, he’s apparently not smart enough to figure out what’s going on by reading the sign and has to ask her what she’s doing, but he’s not so dumb as to pass up the chance for a cheap blowjob. Jade is lucky she gets to practice on a modestly sized dick her first time, but by the looks of it, she’s no stranger to cock sucking. At the end of the shift, when Lexi finds Jade covered in cum, she adds to it with her own spit and collects a meager amount of cash, so the sissy will have to stay in there until she earns as much as Lexi wants.

Jade makes a pretty girl, but there’s a steep learning curve to climb before she’s worthy of being a street-walking sissy. Lexi does eventually allow Jade somewhat fancier digs and nicer outfits, but it’s a progression and she has to earn every upwardly mobile step by being a profitable cocksucker and anal slut. Along the way, the sissy is subjected to an enema and a much bigger dick while wearing a nice dress (which Jade gets filthy with cum, meaning her pay that night is going to the dry cleaning bill). Finally, Lexi decides Jade is ready to be a paid sissy slut. She wants to sell Jade to Kendra James, but first Kendra wants to sample the goods, so they fingercuff Jade with some strap-ons. In the end, Kendra is pleased with Jade, so it’s back in the crate to be shipped to yet another undisclosed location.

Let this movie be a lesson to all: be careful going to bars, unless you’re looking to get taken and turned into a Sissy Sex Slave. Then again, if your new mistress is going to be as beautiful and fabulous as Lexi Sindel or Kendra James, that might not be such a bad thing.
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