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[MoneyTalks.com / RealityKings.com]Пак/Секс за деньги(41 ролик)(8.07.08-19.02.10)
Год выпуска: 2008 - 2010
Страна: USA
Жанр: Reality, Public, All Sex
Описание: Хотите увидеть на что способны люди ради денег?
Вы можете это увидеть прямо сейчас.
Дополнительная информация: Здесь находятся все ролики,которые не вошли в предыдущий пак и до сегодняшнего дня.
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Формат: WMV
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Аудио кодек: WMA
Видео: 1400 кбит/сек,720*480 (720*404),29.97 кадр в сек,WMV3
Аудио: 48 кбит/сек,32.0 Кгц,2 канала,WMA2
Дата:July 08, 2008
Размер: 775 мб , Продолжительность: 74мин.
Описание: This week on Money Talks we pay tribute to our forefathers with a 4th of July extravaganza. In this episode we find 9 red blooded Americans to participate in games both patriotic and erotic. Our Oil Wrestling showdown features babes in body paint representing the U.S. and Britain. Tug of War is given a modern update, with anal beads instead of rope, asses instead of arms. While youre waving your freak flag high, dont miss a minute of Fire in the Hole, an extreme stunt involving a girl, a Roman Candle and countless explosions of cumfetti. For the finale, we end the episode with a proper bang, our local studs find ladies who want to celebrate their independence...the American way. Support our spoofs, and make love, not war.
Дата:July 22, 2008
Размер: 705 мб , Продолжительность: 67мин.
Описание: In this installment of Money Talks, we bring you the regal, lethal and barely legal, all at once. From fraternity classics like topless keg stands and titty flashes to skateboard joust showdowns and puddle baths hose downs, we give you a massive does of sex and comedy, prescribed just how you like it. As an extra bonus, or bonerus, if you will our studs lay pipe to a lucky lumbergirl in a hardware shop whos in dire need of some long, hard wood. You havent seen it all until youve seen it here.
Дата:August 05, 2008
Размер: 778 мб , Продолжительность: 74мин.
Описание: Here at Money Talks we are known for pushing the envelope, and this episode pushes further towards the extreme, sexy and plain absurd than ever before. Want proof. How about a daredevil skateboarder skating off a bridge, cape and all. How about roof top titties and Wheel of Bikini. How about a tranny freestyle in the middle of Union Square. How about that, indeed. You couldnt make these situations up...unless you work for us and convince people to do insane stunts for money. Thats the only way you can get what we offer here, guys and gals. If that all wasnt enough already, Donnie and Josh head over to a local salon in search of a female willing and able. Josh asks a blonde beauty for a wax, then once behind closed doors, asks for more. Does she secede to his firm offer. Well, Money Talks, so...
Дата:August 19, 2008
Размер: 428 мб , Продолжительность: 41мин.
Описание: This week on Money Talks we decided to invade a bunch of swingers. Nadine found some that were willing to take part in a new bit we call Scent of a Woman. Can you guess the scent of your woman. Then we grabbed some hotties and had them pole dance naked, Triple Kiss makeout and a good old titty flash and motorboat. After getting our fill of laughs, we hooked up with our girl Sophye so her and Nadine could search for a virgin swinger couple. Thats right, we were able to find a couple that had never swung before, and offered them enough money to go upstairs and get it on with sexy Sophye. What happened next was a dream come true for our virgin swinging couple. Check it out...
Дата:September 16, 2008
Размер: 597 мб , Продолжительность: 57мин.
Описание: Would you ever stick your dick in a mouse trap. We hit the streets and found that guy who was willing to take some pain for the right price. Check out cock mouse trap only on Money Talks. We followed that up with a stunt we like to call Chop Suey. Twin brothers race to see who can eat intestine faster and smack each other harder. And whats better than a titty flash with a bonus upskirt on the beach. How about our crew finding a blond bombshell at the local photo shop. After some negotiating she was willing to show it all, dont miss madiison giving up that sexy ass in Photo Romp.
Дата: October 14, 2008
Размер: 690 мб , Продолжительность:66мин.
Описание: This week on Money Talks, we revisit the Olympics except this time we have a small twist. We always wondered why some sports are Olympics worthy and why some were not. We decided to get our best researchers on the job to find out what sports have been rejected and why. Turns out there are all these crazy people out there, that practice and compete at these wacky sports everyday... and we are bringing it to you in the nude. For this episode of rejected Olympics we have a female squirting competition, a jizz shooting contest, wacky soccer with binoculars strapped to their heads, a big booty ostrich race, and the illusive orgasm world record. Which is loaded with hot sex. And thats not all... this week we also have some raw street action where some of our boys stop by a liquor store for some party supplies and come out with a little more liquor, you could say they got some lick her. Dont miss a minute.
Дата:October 28, 2008
Размер: 412 мб , Продолжительность:39мин.
Описание: Once again Halloween is upon us, and once again Money Talks is up to no good. In this weeks update Nadine cruises the streets and finds two metal heads willing to bash each others brains out in a no holds bared back yard wrestling match. After that Nadine fulfills her promise to the Money Talks ninja and finds a girl willing to give him a nice hand Job, in return for some cash. Then Nadine stakes out a gym in search of two hot babes that are down to participate in a sexy naked boxing match. Also in this update Nadine finds three silly dudes that are ready to drop trou for her penis costume party. And for our main course Nadine sets out on a mission to bring you one of the most amazing sex scenes done by Money Talks to date, the legend of sleepy hallow. Dont miss it because this update is awesome.
Дата:November 11, 2008
Размер: 687 мб , Продолжительность: 66мин.
Описание: This week on Money Talks we continue to find different uses for the vagina. First up, we ask a girl on the street to participate in out biggest special effects project to date, The legend of the angry Toenado. Thats right, you read that correctly, not a TORNADO a TOENADO. Just imagine the destructive force of a category 5 tornado, and add a humongous angry clit, and a set of giagantic flapping lips. Youve got to see it to believe it. After that we lighten things up and take you for a ride, a sybian ride. Nadine hits the road in her shinny new party bus in search of some hot ladies willing to ride our pleasure machine for some cash. You will not be disappointed with the girl on girl action that happens at the end. Lastly, and because it wouldnt be a complete update without some hot sticky sex, the money talks boys go out and get themselves an Ice cream truck. Youre not going to believe the girls we were able to pull in this ice cream truck, lets just say we got multiple scoops of titty flashes and we also got one girl to order the banana split. Youve got to check this out.
Дата:November 25, 2008
Размер: 293 мб , Продолжительность:28мин.
Описание: In this episode of Money Talks, Nadine reaches out to her Ninja friend in order to help convinces three hot ass girls to pose buck naked, while her ninja friend jumps all over the place. Then we hit Malibu in search hotties willing to play strip dodgeball. Your not going to believe the six smoker we got to play with us, and youre really not going to believe what one of them was willing to do just to make even more money. Lets just say it has nothing to do with dodge and everything to do with balls. You have to see this.
Дата:December 09, 2008
Размер: 648 мб , Продолжительность:62мин.
Описание: Here we go again with yet another action packed episode of Money Talks. As you all know we like to add our own special touch to everyday mundane activities, and today is no exception. This time around we built a toilet seat made of plexi glass and sat a couple of hotties on it, the results were vagtastic. Then we take a walk down the beach and get some silly ass dude to perform an ATM on himself with a chap stick, unfortunately we forgot to mention that the chap stick had tingly menthol in it. After that we cook up a little bit called Money Honeys, where we mix a couple of babes, a couple bottles of honey and a whole lot of money. And for this updates big finish, the Money Talks crew hits the beach for a little Babe Watch, lets just say we finally see how C.J. passes the time in the life guard stand.
Дата: December 23, 2008
Размер: 334 мб , Продолжительность:32 мин.
Описание: Its that time of year again and money talks decided to get a snowman and some egg nog in the mix. But first we decided to hit the streets with the official money talks boob frame. How many girls can we get to frame up their tits n ass, dont miss the boob frame sessions. Then we decided to fill a bathtub with 20 gallons of egg nog and find one sexy girl willing to take a dip for the right price. Finally we brought along good old Mr Frosty for some snowman sex you never seen before. Happy Holidays from Money Talks.
Дата: January 06, 2009
Размер: 505 мб , Продолжительность:48 мин.
Описание: Its time to kickoff 09 with another episode of Money Talks. We start the year with a couple girls and a little celebration we like to call Champagne Bukkake. Then we head to the beach for some classic street action, and a cold dip in the ocean. Finally the crew goes for a paintball session where they meet Aza. And after some negotiating, she is more than willing to give it all up for the right price.
Дата: January 20, 2009
Размер: 575 мб , Продолжительность:55 мин.
Описание: We hope you guys came hungry today because we are serving up some serious poon tang on this weeks episode of Money Talks. First off we are taking a trip to the raw bar for some of the freshest clams America has to offer. Then we are hitting the street and getting two girls to lick one anothers sweet sweet tatas. After that Nadine propositions one hot coed to give us a good old fashion vagina wedgie. For this weeks big finale Money Talks teams up with the legendary Milf Hunter, in search of some pool side pussy. All that and a gallon cocktail on this weeks moneytalks.
Дата: February 03, 2009
Размер: 516 мб , Продолжительность:49 мин.
Описание: Welcome to another episode of Money Talks, where the money does the talking, and the people do whatever the fuck we want them to. First up we got a special bit for all you workout nuts, the bit is called Naked Treadmill and the results are hot and steamy, prepare to experience runner high. Then we walk the streets of Hollywood and pay a smoking babe to receive a street facial. After that were hitting the beach in search one banging hottie, who is down to hulla hoop in nothing but a g string. And for the best part of the show, Money Talks helps one sexy ass Latina pay off her steep parking ticket, the hard way.
Дата: February 17, 2009
Размер: 563 мб , Продолжительность:54 мин.
Описание: Some say the female form is like a work of art and we could not agree more. First up we are taking one girls vagina and transforming it in to our favorite cartoon dad, Homer. Then we are taking a ride with Nadine in her brand new lowrider in search of some girls who will let us see their titties bounce. After that we hit the pavement in search of a topless gun slinger and one big ass target. To close the show we are paying for the grocerys and getting some super hot girl on girl action at the check out. Shopping is definitely a pleasure.
Дата: March 03, 2009
Размер: 786 мб , Продолжительность:75 мин.
Описание: Prepare to watch a super action packed episode of Money Talks. First up were grab one lucky couple and invite them back with us to get a first hand look at the classic candy bikini, mmm, mmm, good. Then we take to the streets of Melrose in search of a hot little shopaholic willing to get out some quick credit card debt, prepare to see the moon. Then we finally do something weve been itching to do for a while, manicure some hot bush into our favorite symbol,never the question the power of the mighty dollar. After that, we our extremely proud to present you the newest member of the Money Talks family, Havoc Hailey. Youve got to see how extremely hot Havocs first scene gets, you will laugh, you will cry, you will bust a phat nut. For our final bit we bring you an amazing encounter with a super smoking hot tourist willing to do whatever it takes to get some of those vacation bills taken care of. You dont want to miss this one because it is extra hot.
Дата: March 17, 2009
Размер: 534 мб , Продолжительность:51 мин.
Описание: Snap, Crackle, and Pop...Here at Money Talks we believe in flavored explosions, thats why we bring to you the first Pop Rock B.j. After, we bring entertainment to your mouth, enjoy our hard earned cash because we have been tossing bills day after day to find the freshest flower on Melrose. A skirt that goes up must come down, so lets just hope you can keep UP with us. Next, we race over to venice beach to drop some cash for a quick flash. But wait, Nadines not finished in Los Angeles, she finds some honeys for a fast lingerie try on. Watch as these cute casual chicks do their thing on a money talks catwalk. Last bu not least, Ramon seems to think cupcakes are an everyday thing, watch and enjoy some freshly baked cakes with a side of breast..
Дата: March 31, 2009
Размер: 362 мб , Продолжительность:34 мин.
Описание: Welcome once again to Money Talks annual spring break coverage. This week we travel down to wild and crazy Mexico in search of some hot spring break action. First up we convince a hot little blond with a perfect little rack to get licked up and down and become our very own human body shot. Then we do the unthinkable... We actually found a spring breaker crazy enough to stick a smoking hot chile habanero in his butt and then eat it. Too bad he didnt know that Havoc bit the tip off before she shoved it in there. After that we have a no holds barred full contact game of topless football. For our last stunt we actually ran into a loyal Money Talks viewer who was willing to do basically anything for money, and who are we to disappoint a true fan. So we had him get on all fours and Havoc kicked him in his huevos. We love running hilarious bits here on the show but a spring break update wouldnt be complete if we didnt find at least one smoking hot college coed willing to take things to the next level. Her name is Scarlett and she made our entire trip worth while. Everything you are about to watch is completely real. Enjoy.
Дата: April 14, 2009
Размер: 568 мб , Продолжительность:54 мин.
Описание: Welcome to another titty packed episode of Money Talks. On todays update we will continue our invasion of wild and crazy Cancun, Mexico. First up we get a hot little trio of coeds to try on our super thin white t shirts, and go for a dip in ocean. After that we check out the the night life and run into a couple of real deal, home grown Mexican babes, who were obviously feeling the fact that we pay in dollars. Then we take you over to Venice Beach where we met one delicious little California girl, who did mind letting us paint an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini on her. After that we ask one man to do the unthinkable, Havoc tests gravity by having a guy jerk himself upside down, if you cant imagine what happens then maybe you should try it at home. For the best part of the show we have a good one in store. We cruise around in our limo in search of some girls willing to give our long stretch limo a nice soapy wash, preferably with their tits out. Its amazing what people will agree to for money, because one of the two girls we found was willing to hop in the back of the limo and detail our homeboys cock. The shit was pretty damn amazing, you dont want to miss this episode.
Дата: April 28, 2009
Размер: 555 мб , Продолжительность:53 мин.
Описание: Spring Break was out of control this year and the Money Talks crew got into some crazy shit. Thats why for this update we are going to bring you a little more of that wild spring break action. First up we bring back an old Money Talks classic, Bootylicious beer. After that we run into two big girls on the street and get them to try on the tiniest bikinis we can find, the results are hilarious. Then we catch up with a family that did not realize that it was Spring Break in Cancun when they booked their family vacation. Lucky for us the Mom was a party girl at heart and flashed us in front of her kids. Then we gave this two guys tinny bikinis to do some sumo wrestling. I know you want to see that. After that we manage to grab a foxy ass girl off the street and get her to give us a little flash and upskirt action, for the right price. The scene for this update is a spicy one. We take a male and female porn star and hit the streets looking for a couple with an open mind, and a little earning potential. Remarkably they were willing to experiment for a fist full of Benjamins, and each go off with their respective porn star. What we got is some hot ass porno, and you have got to see this to believe it. Sadly we are not sure if their relationship os going to make it, but it was worth every dollar.
Дата: May 12, 2009
Размер: 682 мб , Продолжительность:65 мин.
Описание: It is that time again and for this update we are going to bring you some of the best parts of our invasion of the Exxxotica 09 convention. It is amazing what porn fans will do for money, and we got a hand full of ladies to jump on stage with us and act a fool. After that we took a little ride with Havoc in search of a nice couple willing to take a crash course in driving stick. The only catch is that we have to use the guys cock as the stick shift and the girl has to drive topless. After that we get two sisters to show us exactly how close they are by doing the unthinkable, we convinced them to apply chap stick to one another butt holes and then apply the same stick to their lips, the results are fucking hilarious. For this weeks juicy porn scene we got a really good one. While waiting at the greyhound station for one of out buddies we met up with two smoking hot babes with one big problem. One of them got their bags lost and is in desperate need of some cash to continue their trip to New York. Lucky for them they met up with us, and after a little persuasion they agreed to come back to our place for the chance to make some cold hard cash. Let just say they made enough money to travel to New York and back while sipping champagne in first class. Dont miss a minute because this update is action packed.
Дата: May 26, 2009
Размер: 619 мб , Продолжительность:59 мин.
Описание:And here we go again, for this update were going to bring you a little more of our run at the Exxxotica convention, as well as our usual shenanigans that you dont see anywhere else but here. This year at the Exxxotica convention we ran in to our good friends at the Bang Bus, and it turns out that they parked the bus right in the middle of the convention floor, so naturally we thought that was bad ass and we didnt waste such a great opportunity. First we found a pair of friends who didnt look like they belonged in a porn convention, and lured them into the bus for some good old fashion titty rub and makeout session. Then we ran into a guy with tattoos on his face that was obviously down for some crazy shit, and had Havoc use her sling shot to shoot grapes at his bunghole. After that we decided to put to rest a long standing debate between Nadine and Havoc...that all butt holes are created equal. After that Nadine and Havoc barge in on one of our local gyms and convince a smoking hot latina to show us her workout butt ass naked. It wouldnt be a full Money Talks episode if we didnt find a hot ass girl to fuck, so for this one we have the classic damsel in distress. The lesson for today is that you should always stop and help a fellow motorist because chances are that she might be super hot, in need of cash, and might even be down to give you some ass.
Дата: June 09, 2009
Размер: 548 мб , Продолжительность:52 мин.
Описание: Money Talks, bull shit walks, and people are really willing to do ANYTHING for cash. First up we have the unthinkable, we actually found two guys willing to cross the ultimate line in a bit which involved a cum shot, a motorcycle helmet, a set of excellent titties, and a squeegee. After that we slow things down with a good old fashion all American titty flash. Following that we bring you two smoking hot tourist girl friends willing to toss a little salad in the alley for a price they could not refuse. And finally for our juicy porn of the week, we hit the town with our boy Voodoo and help a young hot damsel in distress recover her losses from getting her bike stolen. By recover her losses we mean have sex with her in the back of our van, lucky for us the girl could ride a lot more than a bike. Dont miss a minute.
Дата: June 23, 2009
Размер: 706 мб , Продолжительность: 67 мин.
Описание: Money Talks is back yet again with another action packed episode. Weve always thought chicks with tails are super hot so for our first one we got a doozy. We convinced a girl to put in some anal beads, cut a hole in her jeans, and walk around with the beads hanging out of her butt. The shit is hilarious. Then we asked different people on the street if they would pull them out for a couple of bucks. Of course people said no, one girl gave us a hot titty flash instead, and of course one guy agreed. After that we get you in the mood for some roast beef. We hit the beach looking for a girl willing to walk around with roast beef hanging out her bikini bottom, aka the meat curtains. Then we actually got two other girls to eat it right up. Amazing. For our main event we stay at the beach and find our selves face to face with one of the hottest little volleyball squads youve ever seen. Luck for you they all werent camera shy. The power of the dollar always seems to amaze, because we actually got two of these chicks to come back with us for a little post game workout. Damn these chicks are hot, you dont want to miss this.
Дата: July 07, 2009
Размер: 791 мб , Продолжительность: 76 мин.
Описание: Here we are and yet another exciting episode of Money Talks is at hand. We kick off this episode with a patriotic bit in celebration of the 4th of July. It involves three smoking hot girls, three tiny bikinis and a whole lot of body paint. After that we revisit an old classic, the wonderful pussy pump competition. The girl with the puffiest pussy wins. Then we are serving up some delicious desert Money Talks style of course. We ask one hot little blonde to come back with us and let us cover her in thick delicious honey and then cover her naked body in in sprinkles. This girl has a bangin ass body. Then for our main bit we got a really good one. We but together a little something called the penis chair, I guess you could say its a chair, only with five legs, and the 5th leg happens to be a guys cock. So we threw it in the back of a van, and cruised the streets to see who would be down to sit on it and spin.
Дата: July 21, 2009
Размер: 450 мб , Продолжительность: 43 мин.
Описание: Money Talks is here again and we have some pretty wild shit for this episode. For starters we have a random one, our mission was to find a girl willing to ride our Segway completely naked, and just to mix shit up we wanted her to ride around a parking lot with a huge deer head on her head. Lucky for you we actually found a girl with the biggest ass you ever seen. After that we take your favorite child hood game and funk it up the only way we know how, we are calling this one Cockem Sockem, and its Horny Havoc vs Cocky Balboa. After that Havoc takes a ride in her T Rex in search one one fine lady willing to take a ride in public completely naked, the girl we found was actually rolling with her boyfriend, so at the end of the bit we threw all the money we had at him and convinced them to rail his fine ass girl friend in front of our cameras. This is completly real and we had to give the guy the T Rex which is worth three thousand dollars, plus another thousand in cash. This episode is awesome.
Дата: August 04, 2009
Размер: 742 мб , Продолжительность: 71 мин.
Описание: Today on Money Talks we are kicking off the episode with a world record attempt of epic proportions. While the record for most tshirts worn is a typical record to attempt to break, we wanted to attempt a sexier record... most underwear worn, and just to take it up a notch we want whatever hottie we find to attempt it topless. After that, we stop at a little Diner from around the way, and wreak some serious havoc. We were getting people in the Diner to do all sorts of stupid shit, by closing time we started throwing around a bunch of cash and shit got real heavy. We got paid one couple to give our cameras an amazing sexy blow job demonstration. Then we convinced the waitress to join in the action by offering a whole lot of green just to fuck our boy on camera. Shit we even paid the Diner manager to let us fuck right there in the middle of the restaurant. Bon appetit.
Дата: August 18, 2009
Размер: 723 мб , Продолжительность: 69 мин.
Описание: Money Talks returns yet again with another titillating episode. First up Havoc hits the road in our mobile jello wrestling truck and finds two hot little chicas willing to put their honor on the line in an all out topless jello wrestling battle. Then we give you a classic titty flash Money Talks style. And after that we mark the return of the Carmen the big booty segway girl. Dont miss how we finally get her to do a little more than get naked, and we convince another dime piece to join the action and fuck the shit out of our boy. The sex was so hot that he could barely hold his load. This is a Money Talks episode that you dont want to miss.
Дата: September 01, 2009
Размер: 670 мб , Продолжительность: 64 мин.
Описание:On this episode of Money Talks, we are shaking our ass to the music by playing a little game where we pay a girl to stick the worlds smallest mp3 player in her butt, and then have people off the street put headphones on and name the the song coming out of her ass. Then we pay a fiery red head to receive an atomic thong wedgy compliments of her best friend. After that, Havoc and the Money Talks crew, accompany Jmac to the university book store to get him ready for the fall semester. Lucky for you we are always rolling and we found a couple of college kids ready to do anything to make a buck. One guy agrees to get slammed in the face with a big ass text book and his buddy agrees to step into our car and get a nice hand job from his lady friend. The poor guy could even get his cock hard, so we kicked him out and sweetened the deal for his fine ass lady friend by having her fuck Jmac. This episode is so hot that Havoc even joins the action and gives Jmac a nice tug job. You dont want to miss this one.
Дата: September 15, 2009
Размер: 661 мб , Продолжительность: 63 мин.
Описание:Its that time of the month again, and we are not talking about your girlfriends PMS. Money Talks is back with a fresh new episode. First up we take a classic game, the dizzy bat race, and add a twist the only way we know how. There is nothing better than seeing naked chicks get wet and act silly. Then we take you to Venice Beach to see if one guy is man enough to take a piping hot pizza and let us rub the scorching hot cheese onto his bare chest. After that we track down a little dime piece with a big beautiful butt and convince her to stick our toy dinosaur between her big juicy cheeks. After that, Havoc and the boys hit the local gym, and find a couple of fitness freaks willing to get a little crazy in exchange for some cash. One couple agrees to try out our new flesh light portable vagina, and things end up getting real freaky real quick. Dont miss yet another sexy outrageous episode of Money Talks.
Дата: September 29, 2009
Размер: 772 мб , Продолжительность: 74 мин.
Описание:Get ready to take a dive because Money Talks is bring you another outstanding episode sexy shenanigans. First up we get aquatic on that ass, and take you on a deep sea diving expedition of the female anatomy. Then we hit the ground running and find two big titty friends willing to put they are friendship on the line, and compete in a no holds bared, topless titty slap off. After that the Money Talks crew does some big time party planning of their own, and begin planning Havocs birthday extravaganza. Havoc is very particular about her party, and wants nothing more than a foxy female DJ, whos willing to do anything to take the party next level. Wish and you shall receive.
Дата: October 13, 2009
Размер: 952 мб , Продолжительность: 91 мин.
Описание: Halloween is here and Money Talks has another asstastic episode for all to enjoy. In this episode Havoc and the Money Talks crew drop in on a local costume shop in search of what everyone loves to see on halloween, girls in sluty costumes. After buttering up the store owner with some cold hard cash, we convince a trio of sexy babes to model the sexiest costumes in the store. One of the girls was willing to go the extra mile for a little more doe, so we invited her into the back of the store, and hooked Jmac up with an amazing BJ. Of course we couldnt stop there, so after dressing one guy up like a tinker bell and making him wrestle a guy in a Bruno bikini, we met up with a couple who we are pretty sure are headed for splitsville. We offered them money to make a little movie, but the boyfriend turned out to be a big pussy. Good thing his girl was a freak because after her boyfriend was out of the picture, she had no problem jumping on Ramons dick. This is a halloween episode you dont want to miss.
Дата: October 27, 2009
Размер: 707 мб , Продолжительность: 68 мин.
Описание: Beauty is art and Money Talks is beauty in motion. Everyone knows that there is nothing more beautiful than the female form. First up in this exciting episode of Money Talks we pay tribute to our boys in the armed forces, by convincing three lovely ladies to each get body painted with the uniforms of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. After that Havoc and the gorgeous Capri Cavalli, hit the pavement on a mission to find a guy willing to lay flat on his back and let Capri grind her perfect vag all over his forehead until she gets off. Lets just say we gave a new meaning to the term hair gel. For our main event the Money Talks gang decided to put together a little art class, by setting up in a perfect art studio, and inviting a couple of nude models to pose for us. The first two models werent exactly down for our shenanigans, but the third model turned out to be a real art connesuir, and not to mention a total freak. This is truly a memorable episode
Дата: Nov. 10, 2009
Размер: 628 мб , Продолжительность: 60 мин.
Описание: Working out has never had such rewards. In this episode of money talks, Havoc convinces a busty female playing racquet ball with her boyfriend to flash us her boobs. The ambitious couple is willing to go further for the right price. Havoc lures the physically fit couple back to warehouse where she has a weight bench ready to be put to use. The busty broad proceeds to give her a man a fierce blow job as he attempts to lift the heavy weight while busting a nut. Havocs titty loving does not stop here we move on to a big natural honey on the street who show us her piercings on her lovely twins. For the main event, Molly shops around a local tourist shop and pays the cute store clerk to show us a little skin. The plot thickens as a lil honey shopping for a bikini joins in the fun. An unsuspecting shopper encounters Mollys entourage only to get caught up in the act. Molly gets girls to have a lil fun with each other and experiment a bit. After some licking Molly cant help herself and teaches these babes a thing or two.
Дата: November 24, 2009
Размер: 694 мб , Продолжительность: 66 мин.
Дата: Dec. 8, 2009
Размер: 721 мб , Продолжительность: 64 мин.
Дата: Dec. 22, 2009
Размер: 740 мб , Продолжительность: 71 мин.
Дата: January 05, 2010
Размер: 426 мб , Продолжительность: 40 мин.
Дата: January 19, 2010
Размер: 711 мб , Продолжительность: 68 мин.
Дата: February 02, 2010
Размер: 739 мб , Продолжительность: 71 мин.
Дата: February 16, 2010
Размер: 713 мб , Продолжительность: 68 мин.
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