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Полный сайтрип по 12.07.2010 в разрешении Full HD 1080p! 54 видео!

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Video: WVC1, 1920x1080, 12Mbps, 29.97fps
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Title: Resisting Anal Arrest Pt 2
Date: 15.06.09
ID: 3903
File: 20090615_3903_claire_dames02.wmv
Size: 2,67 Gb
Length: 00:31:23
Cast: Claire Dames, Johnny Sins
Category: big ass, big dicks, deep throat, facial, uniform, anal, swallow, socks
Rating: 9.04
Officer Dames and Officer Nails are called-in to investigate a domestic disturbance between Johnny Sins and his girlfriend Rebeca. When the officers arrive on location they have to split up the couple because they are out of control. When Officer Dames finds out that they are fighting because Rebeca doesn't want Johnny's big dick up her ass, Officer Dames solves the problem by letting him get a taste of what he wants.
Title: Traffic Jamming
Date: 06.07.09
ID: 3962
File: 20090706_3962_delilah_strong.wmv
Size: 3,08 Gb
Length: 00:36:14
Cast: Delilah Strong, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, facial, masturbation, anal
Rating: 8.6
Delilah is rushing home to her husband because she needs to get laid. The only problem is that their is a traffic jam in the underground parking lot. Frustrated by the wait she gets out of her car and starts yelling at the driver causing the traffic, so the driver of the car gives her a good reason to yell.
Title: Prudish Pussy Promiscuous Posterior
Date: 13.07.09
ID: 3972
File: 20090713_3972_bridgette_b.wmv
Size: 3,18 Gb
Length: 00:37:26
Cast: Bridgette B, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blowjob, facial, anal, boots
Rating: 9.13
Scott has been going out with Bridgette for about 6 months now and can you believe she hasn't let him throw it in her, yet? Believe it or not, Scott is getting frustrated. He can't go another day unless he can slip his greasy pud into her mug.
Title: Perturbed Posterior
Date: 20.07.09
ID: 4002
File: 20090720_4002_jessica_moore.wmv
Size: 2,48 Gb
Length: 00:29:13
Cast: Jessica Moore, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, big dicks, facial, natural tits, anal
Rating: 9.16
Jessica looks like one cool cucumber, but deep down inside, she has some anger issues. She's enrolled in an anger management course, but it's not working. The only thing to cure a perturbed posterior is a big cock. So sit back, relax and rub one out to this gripping video.
Title: A Little Bit Of Hotel Ass!
Date: 27.07.09
ID: 3978
File: 20090727_3978_shy_love.wmv
Size: 2,18 Gb
Length: 00:25:44
Cast: Shy Love, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, facial, anal
Rating: 9.15
Scott's car broke down and he's crashing at this hotel for the night. He is so bored, he calls hotel room service and tells them he needs some entertainment. Moments later, there's a knock on the door and Scott opens it, he sees Shy, a big butt escort at the door. He flips out as she pushes him on the bed... She gives him an ass show that makes his mouth drop. Then she dominates him and fucks him with her big ass and fulfills his wildest dreams!
Title: Famous Anus
Date: 03.08.09
ID: 4036
File: 20090803_4036_nikki_benz.wmv
Size: 3,60 Gb
Length: 00:42:23
Cast: Nikki Benz, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, anal, cheerleader
Rating: 9.13
You ever think in your wildest dreams that Nikki, Nikki fucking Benz, would take it in ass? Well feast your eyes on her famous anus in this wild tale of sex and intrigue in the bowels of the school gymnasium. No cheerleader can make the squad unless she can handle a myriad of cocks from the numerous sports teams. She has to prove her worth by making her anus famous.
Title: Dirty Pigs
Date: 10.08.09
ID: 3994
File: 20090810_3994_hillary_scott.wmv
Size: 3,01 Gb
Length: 00:35:28
Cast: Hillary Scott, Scott Nails, Danny Mountain
Category: big dicks, blonde, threesome, anal, double penetration, high heels
Rating: 8.97
Hillary is in a rush to her fuck friends house to get some cock but her trip is delayed after getting pulled over by the police. After giving a little to much attitude she is brought to the police station to be taught a lesson.
Title: Writers Block
Date: 17.08.09
ID: 4052
File: 20090817_4052_kelly_divine02.wmv
Size: 2,18 Gb
Length: 00:25:37
Cast: Kelly Divine, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, big dicks, deep throat, facial, anal
Rating: 9.15
Kelly is a successful aggressive sex novelist. She is in the middle of her new book typing away on her laptop when she starts to get writers block. She tries to visualize what will happen next in her novel but keeps getting distracted. That is until her neighbor Scott stops by to drop off some mail that was accidentally delivered to his house. Kelly uses this opportunity to act out what would happen next in her novel and it gets intense!
Title: WAM SLAM up the BAM BAM
Date: 24.08.09
ID: 4071
File: 20090824_4071_tricia_oaks03.wmv
Size: 2,29 Gb
Length: 00:27:01
Cast: Tricia Oaks, Criss Strokes
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, blonde, anal, bubble butt
Rating: 8.74
Tricia is upset about a bad breakup she is going through, so she decides to stay at her friends place for a couple of days. Her friend's brother, Criss, really wants to fuck Tricia but she cant stand him. Before going to bed she puts on his favorite autographed football jersey and while eating and watching TV, she gets chocolate all over it. When Criss finds out he is absolutely pissed and takes the situation into his own hands. Basically, he fucks her asshole to hell and she loves it.
Title: Revenge is a dick best served big
Date: 31.08.09
ID: 4119
File: 20090831_4119_diana_prince.wmv
Size: 2,77 Gb
Length: 00:32:34
Cast: Diana Prince, Scott Nails, Scott Lyons
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, brunette, milf, anal
Rating: 9.01
Angela visits Diana to bury the hatchet, kiss and make up. Angela sets up Diana with her cousin Scott for a romantic evening together, but Diana doesn't know that Angela's still pissed off and is using Scott's big dick to destroy Diana's hot ass.
Title: Fuck My Backdoor Chute
Date: 07.09.09
ID: 4130
File: 20090907_4130_jada_fire.wmv
Size: 2,68 Gb
Length: 00:31:35
Cast: Jada Fire, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, anal, black
Rating: 7.52
Jada has been wiper-sniping all afternoon and has gotten herself pretty filthy. For some weird reason she decides to clean herself in the clients washroom. Obviously the client catches her in the shower and decides to punish her real nice by sticking his monster penis in Jada's tight little behind.
Title: Fetch Bitch! Fetch the Bone!
Date: 14.09.09
ID: 4166
File: 20090914_4166_puma_swede.wmv
Size: 3,75 Gb
Length: 00:44:06
Cast: Puma Swede, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, blonde, facial, anal, swallow, rough sex
Rating: 7.51
Keiran is your typical average guy. He wakes up in the morning brushes his teeth, washes his face, drinks his coffee, reads his newspaper, and walks his dog, which happens to be his girlfriend tied to leash. But overall it's a normal day in the life of Keiran Lee.
Title: Sophisto Anal Destruction
Date: 21.09.09
ID: 4137
File: 20090921_4137_flower_tucci.wmv
Size: 3,03 Gb
Length: 00:35:43
Cast: Flower Tucci, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, blowjob, anal
Rating: 8.67
Mrs Flower Tucci is late for her massage appointment and she isn't having a very good day. To be honest she's one of those rich sophisticated bitches that belong in the bottom of the ocean. I mean who the hell in the world likes them anyway. Scott sees this immediately and shows Flower that everyone deserves to be respected no matter how much money you make. Scott pounds, I mean pounds Mrs Tucci's buttocks till the cows come home. Get your milk and cookies for this one folks, she's a keeper.
Title: Revenge Fuck On the Office Tease
Date: 05.10.09
ID: 4230
File: 20091005_4230_jessica_moore02.wmv
Size: 2,66 Gb
Length: 00:31:18
Cast: Jessica Moore, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, anal
Rating: 8.9
Sexy Jessica likes to tease her boss, Keiran, and drive him nuts constantly! After venting to a co-worker about it he decides to cool-off...only to run into Jessica who starts teasing him again. But it's one too many mind games, he gets frustrated, and finally decides to do something about it! Slamming her tight body down he screws the not so innocent Jessica into submission.
Title: Pain the in ass roomate!
Date: 12.10.09
ID: 4255
File: 20091012_4255_ava_rose.wmv
Size: 2,39 Gb
Length: 00:28:09
Cast: Ava Rose, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, brunette, facial, anal
Rating: 8.84
Keiran's been looking forward to watching a movie all week, but gets interrupted by his roomate, Ava, when she wants to do her scheduled yoga session in front of the tv. Keiran gets something to eat, only to come back to find his DVD broken by an angry Ava. That's when Keiran takes out his big dick to get back at Ava's big butt!
Title: People Against Porn
Date: 19.10.09
ID: 4246
File: 20091019_4246_francesca_le.wmv
Size: 3,07 Gb
Length: 00:36:12
Cast: Francesca Le, Keiran Lee
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, milf, titty fuck, anal
Rating: 9.15
Francesca is a woman that believes that porn is destroying humanity and she has been shutting down all the porn sets in the city. When she finds out that Brazzers has a production near by she storms in ready to shut it down. But when Keiran Lee is confronted by Francesca, he takes control and shows her what she has been missing. A good old ass fucking. This scene cannot be described with words only facial expressions.
Title: Move get out the way!!
Date: 26.10.09
ID: 4219
File: 20091026_4219_shyla_stylez03.wmv
Size: 2,72 Gb
Length: 00:32:02
Cast: Shyla Stylez, Carlo Carerra
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, hardcore, anal
Rating: 9.1
Shyla is late for an interview and the City workers have her driveway blocked. She's so frustrated because they insist it will take hours before they can move their equipment. She runs into the house to report this to the Mayor but the Field Manager stops her and tells her she need a filling in her ass to relax. Shyla needs cock so bad and wont think twice to get some of her tax dollars back this way.
Title: The dick smuggler
Date: 02.11.09
ID: 4154
File: 20091102_4154_angel_long.wmv
Size: 2,32 Gb
Length: 00:27:22
Cast: Angel Long, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, tiny tits, anal, bondage
Rating: 8.49
Keiran, the dick smuggler, gets chased through the desert and caught by border guards and Angel Long; the cock hound. After fruitless interrogation, the border guards decide to let loose the cock hound to loosen Keiran's lips, but all that get's loosened is Angel's fine ass!
Title: Shitty Food Shack
Date: 09.11.09
ID: 4290
File: 20091109_4290_delilah_strong02.wmv
Size: 2,66 Gb
Length: 00:31:17
Cast: Delilah Strong, Barry Scott
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, toys, anal, rough sex
Rating: 8.35
Delilah is the Chef of a local business center in Vegas and she is known to have the worst food ever made. So Barry Scott and his coworkers find themselves between a rock and a hard place when the heavy Fall rain prevents them from going home for dinner. The food is so bad that he demands her ass as payback for the shitty service.
Title: Post Apocalyptic Anal
Date: 16.11.09
ID: 4297
File: 20091116_4297_nikki_hunter.wmv
Size: 3,05 Gb
Length: 00:35:52
Cast: Nikki Hunter, James Deen, Barry Scott
Category: big dicks, brunette, anal, double penetration
Rating: 8.13
Set in 2019, three survivors are held up in a bomb shelter. They are just barely surviving and getting by on limited rations. They must remain hidden, listening everyday to an old transistor radio for a sign of hope or life. One night after yet another disappointing broadcast and a couple of swigs of homemade moonshine, they all rest their weary eyes. Or so they thought. One of the men awakens and sees Nikki eating tomorrow's food. What happens is a post apocalyptic ass banging for the ages!
Title: Ass For Free
Date: 23.11.09
ID: 4341
File: 20091123_4341_chayse_evans.wmv
Size: 2,61 Gb
Length: 00:30:44
Cast: Chayse Evans, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, brunette, facial, tattoo, anal, Feet
Rating: 8.96
Chayse Evans is used to getting what she wants by teasing guys with her ass. She has been teasing a local convenient store clerk and getting a whole bunch of things for free. When the boss realizes that his inventory count is off he confronts the clerk about the missing inventory and he confesses to giving it away for free to a girl. The clerk claims that he was helpless to her temptress ways, but his excuse is not good enough so he is fired. She later shows up, without money once again and attempts the same thing on the boss, only this time it isn't so easy and he gets a whole lot more than just a tease.
Title: Stuffed Turkey
Date: 30.11.09
ID: 4379
File: 20091130_4379_heidi_mayne.wmv
Size: 1,92 Gb
Length: 00:22:36
Cast: Heidi Mayne, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, blonde, fishnet, anal toy
Rating: 7.32
To gain favor for a promotion, Keiran invites his boss and his wife over for Thanksgiving dinner. There's only one problem: Keiran's wife Heidi is a disaster in the kitchen. After a series of mishaps, ending with a burnt turkey, gets him fired, Keiran bends Heidi over and shows her how to stuff a turkey.
Title: Bad Driver
Date: 07.12.09
ID: 4353
File: 20091207_4353_diamond_kitty02.wmv
Size: 2,47 Gb
Length: 00:29:05
Cast: Diamond Kitty, Johnny Sins
Category: big ass, brunette, latina, anal
Rating: 9
Diamond is a menace on the road. She absentmindedly zig zags across the road as she plays with radio, applies her make-up and text messages on her cell phone. But after cutting off a strnger leads to a heated road rage encounter, Diamond diffuses the situation by showing Johnny how "bad" of a driver she is.
Title: Brazzers Mint Gum Cum-mercial
Date: 14.12.09
ID: 4344
File: 20091214_4344_angelica_raven.wmv
Size: 2,98 Gb
Length: 00:35:05
Cast: Angelica Raven, John Strange
Category: big dicks, natural tits, anal, bubble butt, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.26
Angelica is in the middle of acting in a Brazzers gum commercial as we are brought behind the scenes. The actors are having trouble getting the kiss right, there's a lack of chemistry between the two. So during lunch break Angelica comes up with a good way to get acquainted with the actor. Here's a clue, it has something to do with her asshole!
Title: The Tail of The Naughty Girl
Date: 21.12.09
ID: 4385
File: 20091221_4385_kristina_rose.wmv
Size: 3,12 Gb
Length: 00:36:44
Cast: Kristina Rose, Johnny Sins
Category: brunette, natural tits, anal, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.18
Kristina has been naughty all year long and Santa has taken notice. He can't in his right mind give her any presents. When he sends Kristina a letter informing her of his decision, she decides to take action and fly to the North Pole to clear her name. Unfortunately, Santa has already left to deliver presents and she's left to deal with his assistant.
Title: Asshole Attack
Date: 28.12.09
ID: 4396
File: 20091228_4396_charlotte_vale.wmv
Size: 2,48 Gb
Length: 00:29:09
Cast: Charlotte Vale, James Deen
Category: big ass, big dicks, anal, anal toy, rough sex
Rating: 8.18
James is picking up an outfit at the store for his girlfriend. Tonight she is going to give him her anal virginity! Unfortunately, as he leaves the store he forgets his bag of anal lube and toys. Charlotte closes up the shop and wont let him back in to get his stuff. James is furious and comes up with a scheme to get back in. He's already lost his chance to fuck his girl in the ass so now he's going to take Charlotte's asshole and do whatever he wants with it.
Title: The Anal Penetrators
Date: 04.01.10
ID: 4411
File: 20100104_4411_bobbi_sophie.wmv
Size: 2,98 Gb
Length: 00:35:05
Cast: Sophie Dee, Bobbi Starr, Scott Nails, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, anal, oil
Rating: 8.88
Bobbi and Sophie are The Anal Penetrator's biggest fans. They love their music so much, they are actually willing to sleep with the band. Knowing the band's reputation, they are hoping to get their asses reamed like never before.
Title: Big Treasure Cock In Big Beautiful Asshole
Date: 11.01.10
ID: 4401
File: 20100111_4401_katja_kassin03.wmv
Size: 2,40 Gb
Length: 00:28:17
Cast: Katja Kassin, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, anal
Rating: 8.39
Katja has been planning to rob the Brazzers Museum for months and tonight's the night. She breaks into the museum and slips pass the security system. She uses the precious anal plug on herself but is quickly caught by Scott. With the goods right in front of him, he doesn't hesitate to fill Katja asshole with a bigger and harder treasure, his cock.
Title: The Big Press Announcement
Date: 18.01.10
ID: 4504
File: 20100118_4504_mason_moore.wmv
Size: 2,53 Gb
Length: 00:29:46
Cast: Mason Moore, James Deen
Category: big dicks, facial, hardcore, latina, anal, latex, bubble butt, office
Rating: 9.17
Mason Moore and James Deen show up to a press conference to announce their latest PLIB scene. When media members covering the conference brings up some of the rumors of the scene being her first anal scene, its learnt that she broke her contract, so its demanded that the anal scene be shot right in front of the press.
Title: The Teleporter
Date: 25.01.10
ID: 4492
File: 20100125_4492_emma_heart.wmv
Size: 2,84 Gb
Length: 00:33:23
Cast: Emma Heart, Mick Blue, James Deen
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, anal, double penetration
Rating: 8.85
The infamous villain "Teleporter" is back and up to his slippery tricks again! This time he's in hot pursuit by officer Heart after robbing a bank. Can she catch him? Or will he pull his dirty little tricks on her? Tune in for some anal packed action with "The Teleporter" and his sidekick "The Warper"!
Title: Putting Her Into Place!
Date: 01.02.10
ID: 4512
File: 20100201_4512_tory_lane03.wmv
Size: 2,29 Gb
Length: 00:26:58
Cast: Tory Lane, James Deen
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, tattoo, anal, high heels, office, stockings
Rating: 9.12
Tory is known around the office as being the office bitch. She is so out of line she tells off anyone from the managers to the employees! After numerous times of dealing with her bullshit James feels he needs to put it all to an end and put her bitchy behavior into place.
Title: Touch My Comics and Get Ass Fucked
Date: 08.02.10
ID: 4573
File: 20100208_4573_marie_luv.wmv
Size: 2,19 Gb
Length: 00:25:50
Cast: Marie Luv, John Strange
Category: ebony, natural tits, anal, black, rough sex, cumshot on ass
Rating: 7.34
John is in love with his comics, while his girlfriend Marie couldn't give a flying fuck. Her huge luscious behind seems to have a way to fuck up John's comic collection. So the only way Marie is going to stop fucking up his collection; is if her plump juicy ass gets some fucking up of her own.
Title: Self Absorbed Ass
Date: 15.02.10
ID: 4591
File: 20100215_4591_phoenix_marie03.wmv
Size: 3,23 Gb
Length: 00:38:05
Cast: Phoenix Marie, Scott Nails, Jordan Ash
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, blonde, deep throat, facial, double penetration, rough sex, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.85
Phoenix is in a band with Scott and Jordan. She used to think about the music, but now she became a self absorbed bitch because all the spot light is on her big famous ass. Jordan and Scott try to confront her about her problems, but her mind is so delusional that there is only one way to snap her out of it.
Title: Do Not Touch!
Date: 22.02.10
ID: 4464
File: 20100222_4464_aletta_ocean.wmv
Size: 2,85 Gb
Length: 00:33:34
Cast: Aletta Ocean, James Deen
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, big tits, brunette, anal, boots, tongue ring, cumshot on ass, euro
Rating: 8.96
James is at the strip club and is after the most biggest and hottest ass that he can find. He is addicted to the sight of big beautiful butts and only one stripper can fit his needs. When he finds her he gets a lap dance but there is only one problem, he is not aloud to touch so he waits for her till she is done her shift so he could sink his big dick into her big ass.
Title: Bridgette B's Double P!
Date: 01.03.10
ID: 4628
File: 20100301_4628_bridgette_b02.wmv
Size: 3,46 Gb
Length: 00:40:43
Cast: Bridgette B, Ramon, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, latina, double penetration
Rating: 8.55
This is it! Bridgette B's first DP! Bridgette heads a model agency in a building, and she finds that Keiran, an ex-employee, has started up his own agency in the same building! Bridgette plays it off at first as if she doesn't care, but their banter quickly turns into a series of pranks between the two which rises to boiling point between Bridgette, Keiran, and Keiran's assistant, Ramon! That's when the two men decide to double penetrate the bitch out of Bridgette!
Title: Fill My Anal Keyhole: A Builder's Guide
Date: 08.03.10
ID: 4639
File: 20100308_4639_lexi_love02.wmv
Size: 2,15 Gb
Length: 00:25:20
Cast: Lexi Love, Ralph Long
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, blonde, hardcore, natural tits, tiny tits, uniform, anal, bubble butt
Rating: 8.42
Its been known that laziness breeds habits that are hard to reverse, and in numerous occasions Lexi has left the hard work undone hoping that it would just take care of itself. Ralph gets really upset and decides he better fuck her just so he can get something out of the nothing she does.
Title: Jailbirds
Date: 15.03.10
ID: 4646
File: 20100315_4646_evanni_soleil.wmv
Size: 2,87 Gb
Length: 00:33:46
Cast: Evanni Solei, Ramon
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, anal
Rating: 8.5
Evanni has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her boyfriend. She has a lot of steam built up inside and is taking it out on all the inmates. Ramon catches her red handed and decides to take out all his frustrations on her beautifully round asshole. The best part is, she loves every second.
Title: Big Butt Fixing
Date: 22.03.10
ID: 4603
File: 20100322_4603_diamond_kitty03.wmv
Size: 2,82 Gb
Length: 00:33:12
Cast: Diamond Kitty, Raymond Diaz
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, anal, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.02
Diamond is upset when her T.V. isn't working. She thinks her stupid roommate, Ray, broke it and can't fix it. Knowing that the T.V. is just unplugged, Ray makes a bet that he can fix it. If he can't fix the T.V. he has to pay next months rent, but if he does, he gets to fuck her sweet ass.
Title: Penis Vs. Asshole
Date: 29.03.10
ID: 4650
File: 20100329_4650_kelly_divine03.wmv
Size: 2,29 Gb
Length: 00:26:56
Cast: Kelly Divine, Ramon
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, facial, rough sex
Rating: 8.82
Kelly's at her favorite sports bar cheering on her team when the guy next to her is constantly cheering for the opposing team and making her mad. She eventually gives him shit and they start to argue. When she pours her drink all over him and leaves to the bathroom, he gets pissed and follows her in there for some sweet anal justice!
Title: Strangers In Paradise
Date: 05.04.10
ID: 4549
File: 20100405_4549_jessica_moore03.wmv
Size: 2,84 Gb
Length: 00:33:24
Cast: Jessica Moore, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, blonde, creampie, deep throat, hardcore, uniform, anal, bubble butt
Rating: 8.93
Billboard Ad mogul, Jessica Moore has been accused for over emphasizing on big asses with no equal opportunity to small asses in her marketing. Leading the protest is Keiran who has laid everything on the line against her. The two opposing parties agreed to go behind closed doors to find a resolution. We were able to get a camera in on this private meeting and the negotiations got real hot and heavy!
Title: A Big Luggage Claim
Date: 12.04.10
ID: 4732
File: 20100412_4732_bobbi_starr02.wmv
Size: 2,51 Gb
Length: 00:29:32
Cast: Bobbi Starr, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, anal
Rating: 9.01
Bobbi has just come back from vacation only to find that her luggage has not returned with her. She storms over to the lost and found demanding her luggage back. When she sees what seems to be a very expensive designer bag, she claims it to be hers. The clerk senses she is lying because there is no way that her fat ass can fit into a tight pair of pants that is in the bag. She attempts to squeeze into them but she is out of luck until she decides to squeeze the clerks big dick into her asshole.
Title: The Clerk, The Thief and Her Asshole
Date: 19.04.10
ID: 4698
File: 20100419_4698_mya_nichole02.wmv
Size: 2,97 Gb
Length: 00:34:57
Cast: Mya Nichole, Jordan Ash
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, tattoo, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.11
Mya Nichole visits the Adult Superstore for some new toys but she's not your regular shopper. She's trying to steal everything in sight but the clerk, Jordan, is hot on her trail. When she eventually gets busted she'll do anything to stop him from calling the cops on her, and i mean ANYTHING!
Title: Freedom Fuck
Date: 26.04.10
ID: 4781
File: 20100426_4781_jenna_lovely.wmv
Size: 2,81 Gb
Length: 00:33:04
Cast: Jenna Lovely, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, anal
Rating: 8.14
Jenna really wants to cross the US boarder to get a taste of that amazing freedom air. She hires Scott to get her across but when Jenna shows up with 14 bags of luggage things turn crazy. They get caught by boarder patrol and while they are waiting to be processed Scott fucks Jenna like crazy because he knows it the last pussy he'll see for a long time.
Title: Escorted to the Brazilian Back Door
Date: 03.05.10
ID: 4742
File: 20100503_4742_monica_santhiago.wmv
Size: 2,84 Gb
Length: 00:33:24
Cast: Monica Santhiago, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, milf, tattoo, anal, brazilian
Rating: 8.75
Monica's a portuguese escort trying to make ends meat in America but accidentally went to the wrong house and ended up at Keiran's doorstep. The thing is that she won't leave until she gets the job done and gets paid!
Title: The Quiet Drill
Date: 10.05.10
ID: 4819
File: 20100510_4819_diana_prince02.wmv
Size: 2,75 Gb
Length: 00:32:26
Cast: Diana Prince, Jordan Ash
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, facial, anal
Rating: 9.12
When Jordan is confronted and told to be quieter with his drill, he explains to Diana that he cant control the loudness of it. She pulls the plug, yells at him and tries to do his job for him. Her hair gets stuck underneath the sink and Jordan gets a great visual of her ass. He really fucks her tight little asshole.
Title: Ass For Directions
Date: 17.05.10
ID: 4764
File: 20100517_4764_mackenzee_pierce.wmv
Size: 2,82 Gb
Length: 00:33:14
Cast: Mackenzee Pierce, Johnny Sins
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, brunette, anal, high heels, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.1
Mackenzee and her boyfriend are lost. He won't stop and ask for directions, which makes Mackenzee extremely mad. She goes out of the car and ends up by herself and finds a convenient store in the middle of nowhere. She demands the cashier to give her a map but he finds her attitude very rude. So he decides to give her a map that leads his big dick straight up her big ass.
Title: Stick It Up The Complaint Box
Date: 24.05.10
ID: 4826
File: 20100524_4826_dana_dearmond.wmv
Size: 2,54 Gb
Length: 00:29:53
Cast: Dana DeArmond, Criss Strokes
Category: big ass, big dicks, brunette, deep throat, facial, natural tits, anal
Rating: 7.88
Dana works a shitty job in a shitty hotdog wagon. When Criss passes by for a bite to eat he is in no mood for bullshit because he just got fired from his job. After numerous fuck ups and rude comments he demands to speak to the manager. Since the manager isn't available he has no choice but to write up a complaint. When told to stick his complaint up her ass, he does exactly what he's told and sticks his big complaint up her big ass.
Title: Fuck The Brits? I'll Fuck Your Irish Ass
Date: 31.05.10
ID: 4715
File: 20100531_4715_shyla_stylez04.wmv
Size: 2,39 Gb
Length: 00:28:07
Cast: Shyla Stylez, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big tits, blonde, blowjob, anal
Rating: 9.05
After a full day of St-Patrick's Day drinking, Shyla and a friend decide to show their Irish pride by vandalizing a car bearing the British flag. Almost getting caught in the act, Shyla makes a run for it, forgetting her purse in panic. The owner tracks Shyla down to her apartment using the information on her I.D., and shows her exactly how the British fuck the Irish in the ass.
Title: Cum Cake
Date: 07.06.10
ID: 4849
File: 20100607_4849_jada_fire02.wmv
Size: 2,83 Gb
Length: 00:33:22
Cast: Jada Fire, James Deen
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, ebony, facial, natural tits, anal
Rating: 7.98
James brings home an antique cake that he is about to sell for 70 thousand dollars. He warns Jada not to eat the cake but Jada just cant resist. When James leaves the house she eats the entire thing and James aint to happy about it.
Title: Fuck Stop Telephoning Me
Date: 14.06.10
ID: 4822
File: 20100614_4822_lisa_ann.wmv
Size: 3,59 Gb
Length: 00:42:18
Cast: Lisa Ann, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, pornstar, anal, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.18
Lisa Ann finally has a day off but she is constantly being pestered with phonecalls. She is very annoyed with the masseuse because he isn't putting enough effort into it. To fight back Scott puts his finger up Lisa's tight asshole. Caught off guard, Lisa laughs and tells Scott he could never handle her ass.
Title: I'm Fucking the Bosses Ass! Who's With Me?
Date: 21.06.10
ID: 4880
File: 20100621_4880_claudia_valentine.wmv
Size: 2,31 Gb
Length: 00:27:13
Cast: Claudia Valentine, Jordan Ash
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big tits, facial, anal, rough sex
Rating: 9.01
Jordan has been a chef for 15 years and he has been working for this inexperienced boss for 2. She bitches and complains about anything and everything. Jordan and the other employees have had enough and finally give her what she deserves a fucking huge cock straight up her bitchy little asshole.
Title: Pound That Ass Into Shape
Date: 28.06.10
ID: 4802
File: 20100628_4802_angel_dark02.wmv
Size: 2,60 Gb
Length: 00:30:39
Cast: Angel Dark, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, anal, euro
Rating: 8.68
Angel has hired Scott to be her personal workout instructor. Scott has to train her to get her ass plump and juicy. Angel is too much of a whiny bitch to complete any of the exercises. She says the exercises are always too hard making Scott's job next to impossible. Scott decides he's going to use his big cock to pound that ass into shape.
Title: Exclusive Ass
Date: 05.07.10
ID: 4901
File: 20100705_4901_devon_lee03.wmv
Size: 2,59 Gb
Length: 00:38:03
Cast: Devon Lee, James Deen
Category: big ass, big tits, blonde, facial, milf, anal
Rating: 9.1
Devon sneaks into an exclusive pool at a resort and begins running up a tab on a phony room number. When the waiter notices that she hasn't paid for her stay, he chases her down and makes her pay....With her ass.
Title: Fuck You Pig!
Date: 12.07.10
ID: 4911
File: 20100712_4911_holly_halston.wmv
Size: 3,54 Gb
Length: 00:47:29
Cast: Holly Halston, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, tattoo, titty fuck, boots, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.88
Detective Johnny is on a stake out in front of a drug dealer's house. His mission is to collect photo evidence of any suspicious activity. The drug dealer sends out his big butt whore to distract Johnny, so he can make a clean break. Johnny tries to ignore the whore, but after much thought, decides he should interrogate her ass.
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