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TeensLikeItBig.com - Каждой молоденькой телочке по здоровенному члену!

Полный сайтрип по 12.10.2010 в разрешении Full HD 1080p! 69 видео!

Отважные девченки пилоткой бросаются на здоровые хреновины парней! А некоторые дают еще и в черный ход!

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Title: Thanks For The Tattoo
Date: 09.06.09
ID: 3891
File: 20090609_3891_tiffany_tyler.wmv
Size: 3,22 Gb
Length: 00:37:58
Cast: Tiffany Tyler, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, brunette, natural tits, teen, bubble butt, small boobs
Rating: 8.73
Tiffany's getting a new tattoo from Keiran and the only for her to thank him is by sucking his big cock!!! Gotta love those cock hungry teens!!!
Title: Suck This For An Apology!
Date: 23.06.09
ID: 3935
File: 20090623_3935_amea_moretti.wmv
Size: 2,66 Gb
Length: 00:31:21
Cast: Amia Miley, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen
Rating: 9.18
Amia Miley is a rich teenage snob enjoying all the joys of life because of her rich Daddy. Being the little snob that she is she spends the day poking fun at the smelly hard working Gardner, until he pulls her the finger. Amia freaks out because nobody pulls her the finger, especially someone who is poor and smelly. So to prove how much better of a person she is she tries getting him fired by her father until he shows her what makes him a bigger person.
Title: Palavering Pussies Get A Posterior Pounding
Date: 30.06.09
ID: 3959
File: 20090630_3959_holly_missy.wmv
Size: 3,59 Gb
Length: 00:42:18
Cast: Missy Stone, Holly Fox, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blowjob, facial, natural tits, teen, threesome, anal
Rating: 8.98
Holly and Missy are very competitive little sluts. They argue forever about who is a bigger tramp and exchange platitudes until they call up Scott to settle the matter. Now we all know you can't be a consummate slut without taking it in the ol' keister, so they have to step up and take it in the ass like a salacious whore.
Title: Joy Stick
Date: 07.07.09
ID: 3966
File: 20090707_3966_cherry_ferreti.wmv
Size: 2,51 Gb
Length: 00:29:32
Cast: Cherry Ferreti, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen
Rating: 7.8
Cherry is sick of losing every video game that she plays against Keiran. She decides to challenge him to one game she feels she'll win, however she soon regrets it once she realizes how big his joy stick is that he's using.
Title: Splish-Splash I Am Cleaning Your Crack
Date: 14.07.09
ID: 3974
File: 20090714_3974_brynn_veronique.wmv
Size: 3,18 Gb
Length: 00:37:25
Cast: Veronique Vega, Brynn Tyler, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, blonde, brunette, cum swapping, natural tits, teen, threesome, high heels
Rating: 9.06
Keiran is in desperate need of workers because one of his employees at the car wash bailed on him last minute. He decides to call in a favor from Tyler Brynn, who accepts to help him due the fact that she heard from a friend that he has a big cock. Being a kind and sharing person that she is she decides to bring her friend Veronique so she could enjoy his big cock too between her wet and washed titties.
Title: Freaky Deaky
Date: 21.07.09
ID: 4015
File: 20090721_4015_madison_parker.wmv
Size: 2,96 Gb
Length: 00:34:52
Cast: Madison Parker, Keiran Lee, Danny Mountain
Category: facial, natural tits, teen, threesome, double penetration
Rating: 9.15
The wide generation gap between Madison and her mom Phoenix is more than evident. They simply cannot understand each other. On a Thursday night after a disagreement, both receive a fortune cookie which causes them to switch bodies next day. Now that Phoenix is trapped in a young body, she will waste no time de-virginizing her ass.
Title: Mount me in your ice cream truck sir
Date: 28.07.09
ID: 4012
File: 20090728_4012_ashli_orion02.wmv
Size: 2,84 Gb
Length: 00:33:27
Cast: Ashli Orion, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, cumshot, facial, natural tits, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 8.76
A young athletic lady by the name Ashli Orion is enjoying an afternoon jog when she spots the ice cream truck in the distance. The ice cream man is a young handsome fellow trying to get enough money for a 1973 Corvette. Ashli has her beautiful blue eyes set on a cocksicle but sadly enough the ice cream man forgot to make them and decides to feed her something much bigger and more soothing than she could ever dream of.
Title: Brazzers Line
Date: 04.08.09
ID: 4057
File: 20090804_4057_jackie_daniels02.wmv
Size: 2,96 Gb
Length: 00:34:50
Cast: Jackie Daniels, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, squirting, tattoo, teen
Rating: 9.14
On this weeks episode of Brazzers Line our host Keiran Lee explores the ins and outs of the average American teen. Our subject is 19 year old sweetheart Jackie Daniels who is no stranger to partying and fucking and will give us a glimpse of everything she's good at.
Title: A teeny-totter born to take it.
Date: 11.08.09
ID: 4044
File: 20090811_4044_ally_ann.wmv
Size: 2,75 Gb
Length: 00:32:23
Cast: Ally Ann, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blonde, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 7.85
Ally only puts her mouth were pussy can back her up. She's horny, and wants cock. Ally Ann runs into a cock, feels how hard it is. Her desire takes hold of her, putting mind over matter. Ally is about to get fucked as she unzips a pair of made in America denim jeans.
Title: Karaoke? Suck My Dick!
Date: 18.08.09
ID: 4049
File: 20090818_4049_kiara_kiera.wmv
Size: 3,21 Gb
Length: 00:37:44
Cast: Kiara Diane, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, natural tits, teen, threesome
Rating: 8.37
Kiara and Kiera are best friends who love to get really crazy at parties. The party they are attending this evening is extremely boring and none of the guys are sexy. To spice things up, Scott gets the girls to sing some karaoke and boy oh boy do they put on a show worth watching. Scott grabs the mic and sings a song that reveals that he has a humongous dick.
Title: Fuck I.D.
Date: 25.08.09
ID: 4124
File: 20090825_4124_nicole_grey.wmv
Size: 2,15 Gb
Length: 00:25:19
Cast: Nicole Grey, Seth Gamble
Category: big dicks, brunette, natural tits, teen, tiny tits, bubble butt
Rating: 9.14
Nicole Grey and her friends are ready to party, only problem is they're not old enough. Armed with fake i.d.'s and push up bras they head out to the brand new club "B". After Nicole's i.d. is refused, the only thing left to do is convince the bouncer to let her in by letting him in her first.
Title: Blonde Beach Brats Get Blasted
Date: 01.09.09
ID: 4079
File: 20090901_4079_kacey_kara.wmv
Size: 2,83 Gb
Length: 00:33:19
Cast: Kara Novak, Kacey Jordan, JT
Category: ass licking, teen, threesome, tiny tits, girl on girl, oil
Rating: 8.38
Kacey and Kara are having a good time oiling themselves up at the nude beach. They don't realize that JT is watching them rub and lick their young bodies nearby. JT decides that he needs a piece of these two girls and covers himself in sand, pretending to be trapped. When the girls run to help him, he knows he has them. They dig out his cock and decide to clean the sand from it.
Title: The Right Path To Take In Life
Date: 08.09.09
ID: 4102
File: 20090908_4102_amber_rayne02.wmv
Size: 3,31 Gb
Length: 00:39:00
Cast: Amber Rayne, Johnny Sins
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, deep throat, tiny tits, anal
Rating: 8.26
Society has had it with Amber Rayne because she's throwing her life down the gutter. She has been receiving calls all morning about her bills and she found an eviction notice on her door. With no job and no future she hasn't many answers to her lack of income. Until her slutty friend convinces her to become a whore and get fucked for money. Amber is very resistant, until she realizes that she loves to get fucked in the has really really hard. Its a very pleasant story to watch.
Title: Horny teen wants the big cock
Date: 15.09.09
ID: 4147
File: 20090915_4147_amia_miley02.wmv
Size: 3,17 Gb
Length: 00:37:20
Cast: Amia Miley, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, brunette, natural tits, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 9.22
Amia's parents are out of town and she plans a party that nobody shows up to. Amia then calls up Scott and invites him and his friends over to party. Scott brings two friends and the group play a game before they split up in the house. The horny teen notices Scott's big dick and drags him to the kitchen to suck and fuck his fat cock.
Title: Pay as you Blow
Date: 22.09.09
ID: 4093
File: 20090922_4093_missy_stone03.wmv
Size: 2,55 Gb
Length: 00:30:04
Cast: Missy Stone, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen, anal
Rating: 9.02
Missy Stone has problem. Her dad has taken away her phone because of a terrible addiction she has to taken pictures of certain male body parts. On a quest, Missy sets out with stolen cash from her dad in hopes to get a brand new phone. When at the phone shop she finds out that her salesman might be more helpful than she had expected
Title: My purity ring's for small cocks only
Date: 29.09.09
ID: 4177
File: 20090929_4177_eva_ellington.wmv
Size: 2,87 Gb
Length: 00:33:50
Cast: Eva Ellington, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, brunette, petite, teen
Rating: 8.78
Eva reminds her boyfriend one night of the purity ring that she got at the Bonas Brothers concert when he tries to get in her pants. Eva's boyfriend freaks out and storms off, bumping into the delivery boy and getting their supper all over the delivery boy. Eva offers the delivery boy a change of clothes from her father's closet. Eva than decides that the purity ring only applies to small cocks after finding out that the delivery boy's got a monster hiding underneath his wet jeans!
Title: Big Dick Drawing 101
Date: 06.10.09
ID: 4211
File: 20091006_4211_brynn_tyler03.wmv
Size: 2,40 Gb
Length: 00:28:16
Cast: Brynn Tyler, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, blonde, facial, teen, school girl, small boobs
Rating: 8.56
Freshly transfered from art school, Brynn enteres her first day in a new art class. After looking at her work, the teacher decides to give her a challenge...a real life model to draw. She immidiatly notices his big package and starts to draw it. She cannot believe how big it is and therefore must see it up close and personal. Johnny shows her just how the big it really is by drilling her repeatedly.
Title: House of Oddtitties
Date: 13.10.09
ID: 4144
File: 20091013_4144_madison_ivy03.wmv
Size: 2,61 Gb
Length: 00:30:40
Cast: Madison Ivy, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, petite, teen, small boobs
Rating: 8.83
When Madison Ivy finds an add in a magazine for a local funhouse that spikes her interest, she decides to go check it out. After three failed attractions, Madison finally arrives at the grand finale. Unimpressed so far, Madison soon discovers that the grand finale is the biggest and best way to go out with a bang.
Title: Toga cock gager
Date: 20.10.09
ID: 4266
File: 20091020_4266_vanessa_leon02.wmv
Size: 1,42 Gb
Length: 00:16:45
Cast: Vanessa Leon, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, hardcore, teen, small boobs
Rating: 8.64
Vanessa is Scott's date to a toga party, the two don't really know each other but they are trying to test the waters to see where it could go. What started as a simple date turns into a grape crushing, shower fuck when Vanessa sees the biggest cock in her teeny life.
Title: Lifeguard On Cock Duty!
Date: 27.10.09
ID: 4215
File: 20091027_4215_skyla_paige.wmv
Size: 2,25 Gb
Length: 00:26:33
Cast: Skyla Paige, Carlo Carerra
Category: big dicks, facial, outdoor sex, red head, small boobs
Rating: 5.76
Lifeguard Skyla is on duty watching the beaches for some big cock. She is getting frustrated! Suddenly she spots a guy sunbathing. Upon closer inspection she decides he's not up to par and continues along, searching for something bigger and better. She sees Carlos and runs over, inventing an excuse to get closer and check his cock size. When realizing that he has a big rod she jumps on and takes a ride!
Title: Reaching a New Way To Sex
Date: 03.11.09
ID: 4273
File: 20091103_4273_dani_pepper.wmv
Size: 2,33 Gb
Length: 00:27:22
Cast: Pepper Foxxx, Dani Jensen, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, teen, threesome, titty fuck, girl on girl
Rating: 8.85
Two girlfriends are just hanging out on a bed wondering what to do with their day. Suddenly Johnny, Peppers step brother, walks by her room with just a towel on. Dani can't stop staring at Johnny's cock. Being sluts, these two sexy teens jump on that cock as quickly as possible and have a numerous amount of orgasms in the process.
Title: Slammage X 2 While I'm Grounded
Date: 10.11.09
ID: 4293
File: 20091110_4293_amai_liu.wmv
Size: 2,50 Gb
Length: 00:29:24
Cast: Amai Liu, John Strange, Enzo Lorenzo
Category: asian, threesome, skinny, small boobs
Rating: 7.42
Amai has a really shitty step father. He doesn't do shit, ever. Amai wants to go to the mall to meet her boyfriend but her step father doesn't like what she's wearing. They argue a bunch and the step father grounds Amai. Amai finds exactly what she's looking for outside in the neighbors yard. Two strikingly sexy young men who happen to have big cocks. Amai bit off a little more than she can chew in this one but its well worth a gander.
Title: T'nA caught breaking and entering
Date: 17.11.09
ID: 4328
File: 20091117_4328_suzanne_victoria.wmv
Size: 3,13 Gb
Length: 00:36:52
Cast: Victoria White, Suzanne Kelly, Enzo Lorenzo
Category: big dicks, cum swapping, teen, threesome, tiny tits, skinny, cumshot on ass
Rating: 6.92
Suzanne and Victoria like to go frogging: breaking into peoples homes and using their stuff while they're away. The two teens break into Enzo's home while he drives off and plays with his things. Later Enzo comes home to find the two girls playing with each other in his bathtub. These girls learn their lesson and tag team Enzo's big cock so he won't call the cops.
Title: Gym Anal
Date: 24.11.09
ID: 4334
File: 20091124_4334_amy_brooke.wmv
Size: 2,68 Gb
Length: 00:31:33
Cast: Amy Brooke, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, blonde, tiny tits, anal
Rating: 8.61
Amy is worried because she has never been to a public gym before. During her workout she spots a young fellow who has a huge boner out in the open. Intrigued by the size of the darn thing, she does whatever it takes to get her hands on it. Amy realizes that she is a dirty little slut who loves big cocks in her asshole.
Title: Lost Cock
Date: 01.12.09
ID: 4350
File: 20091201_4350_jackie_daniels03.wmv
Size: 2,39 Gb
Length: 00:28:08
Cast: Jackie Daniels, Carlo Carerra
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, tattoo, teen
Rating: 7.9
A girl is in ruins when she looses her beloved cock. She searches everywhere for him and is unable to find him, until he turns up in her friends backyard. But her friend makes sure to use him first before giving him back.
Title: Little Red Riding Whore
Date: 15.12.09
ID: 4376
File: 20091215_4376_nikki_rhodes02.wmv
Size: 2,84 Gb
Length: 00:33:28
Cast: Nikki Rhodes, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, natural tits, red head, tattoo, teen, swallow, high heels, stockings
Rating: 9.19
Little Red Riding Whore wanders through the forest, meeting a couple of sexy forest friends along the way. They warn her of the dangerous big bad wolf lurking through the forest up ahead. She has no fear and continues on her trek. The big bad wolf springs out from behind a tree in an attempt to scare her, but she is unfazed, until he shows her what a big dick he has.
Title: Charles Bigdickens Presents: The Ghosts of Christmas Ass
Date: 22.12.09
ID: 4491
File: 20091222_4491_lindy_lane02.wmv
Size: 2,20 Gb
Length: 00:25:54
Cast: Lindy Lane, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, teen
Rating: 8.19
What if you were given a second chance to get your life right? This holiday season, the ghosts of big cock's past, present and future will give one teen that chance. This December, Brazzers invites you to experience the classic tale, like you're never wanked to it before, in Brazzers HD.
Title: The Web Show
Date: 29.12.09
ID: 4383
File: 20091229_4383_kiara_diane.wmv
Size: 2,20 Gb
Length: 00:25:54
Cast: Kiara Diane, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blonde, facial, natural tits, tattoo, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 8.41
Scott's computer broke and is in desperate need of a new one, so he goes next door to Kiara's place to borrow one. She allows him to use it, but has no idea that he's using it to whore himself off on web-cam. When she walks in on his performance she is immediately turned on and jumps all over his big cock.
Title: Flower Power Pounding
Date: 05.01.10
ID: 4465
File: 20100105_4465_tessa_taylor.wmv
Size: 1,59 Gb
Length: 00:18:43
Cast: Tessa Taylor, Shane Dizzle
Category: blonde, facial, natural tits, petite, teen
Rating: 7.69
Tessa has to sell flowers to raise money for her education. She will use any means necessary to make the money she needs, even show her boobies. Let's hope she doesn't run into a tough customer who won't just settle for a little flashing.
Title: House Arrest
Date: 12.01.10
ID: 4472
File: 20100112_4472_mickenzie_moore.wmv
Size: 2,98 Gb
Length: 00:35:04
Cast: Mickenzie Moore, John Strong
Category: big dicks, blonde, blowjob, cumshot, hardcore, tattoo, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 6.65
Mickenzie is so horny and has no idea how to get over it. There is no way she can leave the house because by law she can't. Her dad who is responsible for her leaves for a few hours so she calls her boyfriend who comes over and gives her the cock she has been missing.
Title: Hardcore Emo Sluts!
Date: 19.01.10
ID: 4434
File: 20100119_4434_amia_tiffany.wmv
Size: 3,84 Gb
Length: 00:45:12
Cast: Tiffany Tyler, Amia Miley, Shane Dizzle
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, petite, teen, threesome, high heels, emo
Rating: 8.54
Amia thinks she's hardcore and so badass. Tiffany tells her she isn't hardcore until she get's fucked by Shane Dizzel's big fucking cock. Amia wants to be the best of the best so she tells Tiffany to get her big cocked friend over to her place so she could show her who is extremely Hardcore!
Title: Babysit On My Dick
Date: 26.01.10
ID: 4520
File: 20100126_4520_sindee_jennings.wmv
Size: 3,42 Gb
Length: 00:40:18
Cast: Sindee Jennings, Johnny Sins
Category: brunette, creampie, natural tits, teen, small boobs
Rating: 9.02
Sindee walks in on Johnny Sins dressing up when she comes over to babysit for him and sees her first man cock. Sindee's bored and decides to masturbate to a photo of Johnny after he leaves, she can't help but vocalize her fantasy with Johnny. Johnny comes back to hear her dirty talking in the playroom and walks in on her. But Johnny shows her that it's okay, and offers her a piece of the real meat that she was only dreaming about.
Title: Empty the Fridge in my Pussy
Date: 02.02.10
ID: 4499
File: 20100202_4499_melissa_matthews.wmv
Size: 2,97 Gb
Length: 00:34:58
Cast: Melissa Matthews, Ralph Long
Category: big dicks, facial, masturbation, natural tits
Rating: 8.32
Melissa caught her boyfriend cheating on her and now she's all messed up. She's horny as hell and will do anything to satisfy her sexual desires. After a few attempts with some vegetables, she decides to try to use the turkey baster and then the broom! Nothing seems to work quite right until her roommate lets her borrow her boyfriend and his big cock!
Title: Replica Cock Thrust
Date: 09.02.10
ID: 4561
File: 20100209_4561_eva_ellington02.wmv
Size: 2,90 Gb
Length: 00:34:05
Cast: Eva Ellington, John Strange
Category: big dicks, blowjob, facial, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 7.59
Eva hates her job wrapping valentines days presents. John comes in to get a special gift wrapped for his girlfriend. When Eva catches a glimpse of the dildo that is a replica of Johns dick her mouth waters immediately. She wraps her hands, mouth, and vagina around this huge cock to the best of her abilities.
Title: Photo Shoot My Cock
Date: 16.02.10
ID: 4584
File: 20100216_4584_rebecca_blue.wmv
Size: 2,81 Gb
Length: 00:33:03
Cast: Rebecca Blue, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, blonde, teen, tiny tits, small boobs, voyeur
Rating: 8.97
Rebecca's snapping photos with her partner Jackie for a school project. She's looking for that perfect photo that represents real life moments when this hunk walks by. Rebecca ditches off Jackie so she can go follow the hottie and get some great pics of him. Rebecca couldn't help touching herself while spying on Johnny in his house, and that's when he catches her in the act!
Title: Daddy's Little Slutty Angel
Date: 23.02.10
ID: 4545
File: 20100223_4545_lexi_belle03.wmv
Size: 3,06 Gb
Length: 00:36:02
Cast: Lexi Belle, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blonde, masturbation, natural tits, petite, teen, 69, socks, pigtails
Rating: 9.03
Lexi is daddy's little girl, but little does he know she's a horny little cock craving slut. When her dads work assistant catches her masturbating she threatens to tell her dad that he was spying on her, until she notices how big of a cock he has. Even though daddy is on the look out, she demands to see his big package and get her fill of big cock!
Title: Next Door Cummotion
Date: 02.03.10
ID: 4599
File: 20100302_4599_kiara_diane02.wmv
Size: 2,28 Gb
Length: 00:26:52
Cast: Kiara Diane, James Deen
Category: big dicks, blonde, facial, teen, tiny tits, socks
Rating: 8.82
Kiara is bored in her room and over hears commotion coming from next door. She witnesses her neighbor having an affair with the delivery guy and her husband coming home and chasing the guy out. The delivery guy runs butt naked over to Kiara's house for a place to hide. When she notices how big his dick is she realizes she won't be bored in her room anymore.
Title: Kacey The Cutest!
Date: 09.03.10
ID: 4611
File: 20100309_4611_kacey_jordan03.wmv
Size: 2,19 Gb
Length: 00:25:51
Cast: Kacey Jordan, Levi Cash
Category: blonde, teen, skinny, small boobs, voyeur
Rating: 8.14
While taking a shower and getting dressed, cutie Kacey is being spied upon by the neighbor across the way! She finally spots her peeping tom and invites him over for a closer look at her sexy little hot body!
Title: St. Phatdick's Day
Date: 16.03.10
ID: 4630
File: 20100316_4630_tiffany_tyler02.wmv
Size: 2,68 Gb
Length: 00:31:36
Cast: Tiffany Tyler, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, facial, handjob, tattoo, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 8.84
This St-Patrick's day, Tiffany sneaks her boyfriend into her room so they can have some amazing sex. Being way too tired, Johnny passes out before the action starts. Tiffany is also tired but she encounters a Leprechaun in her dreams with a monster cock that would almost be too much for her tight teen pussy.
Title: Pre-Wedding Gift
Date: 23.03.10
ID: 4437
File: 20100323_4437_missy_stone04.wmv
Size: 2,76 Gb
Length: 00:32:30
Cast: Missy Stone, Enzo Lorenzo
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen, tiny tits, anal, tongue ring
Rating: 8.87
Missy over hears her sister talking bad about her to her fiance. She says that Missy is to much of a slut and is not invited to the wedding because she will ruin everything. Missy is so frustrated by her remarks that she sneaks into her sisters fiances room and shows him how much she can ruin..... a big cock.
Title: Cock Hungry Teen Attack
Date: 30.03.10
ID: 4654
File: 20100330_4654_jennifer_white.wmv
Size: 2,71 Gb
Length: 00:31:53
Cast: Jennifer White, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, teen, anal, swallow
Rating: 9.23
Keiran and Jennifer are step brother and sister and things have gotten weird between them. Keiran can't stop looking at Jennifer's sweet little teen ass. When Jennifer catches Keiran in the shower and sees his big cock, she waits till he's not looking to get what she wants.
Title: Pornographic Persuasion
Date: 06.04.10
ID: 4706
File: 20100406_4706_stephanie_cane05.wmv
Size: 2,65 Gb
Length: 00:31:15
Cast: Stephanie Cane, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, big dicks, masturbation, petite, tattoo, swallow
Rating: 9.11
Stephanie's older brother has a collection of hidden porn under his bed and Stephanie really wants to watch one. She finally manages to sneak one into her room and begins watching it. Meanwhile her brother's friend heads for the bathroom and hears the porn playing through her door, he walks in and catches her playing with her wet pussy!
Title: Curiosity Filled The Snatch
Date: 13.04.10
ID: 4681
File: 20100413_4681_natalia_rossi02.wmv
Size: 2,55 Gb
Length: 00:29:58
Cast: Natalia Rossi, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, facial, teen, tiny tits, skinny
Rating: 8.83
Natalia and her friend have different personalities. Natalia is a slut and her friend is a shyer introvert. While walking through the park her friend comes clean about giving the local badass a hand job. Natalia begs her to find out how big his dick is and when she does her friend has to beg her to stay away. When Scott shows up her friend is extremely nervous and Natalia is quick to flirt by giving him a glimpse of her tit. Scott makes his decision and goes for the teenage slut.
Title: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Vagina
Date: 20.04.10
ID: 4714
File: 20100420_4714_lexi_diamond.wmv
Size: 2,85 Gb
Length: 00:33:30
Cast: Lexi Diamond, Keni Styles
Category: big dicks, blowjob, creampie, natural tits, teen
Rating: 8.81
Lexi is gathering peoples junk for a the upcoming charity sale this summer. Her neighbor, Kenny, has a few boxes he'd like to get rid of but is in a bit of a rush. He gives her a box that contains his pocket vagina. When he realizes what he has done he rushes over to get it back. Lexi is very curious about Kenny's pocket vagina and she decides to give him a real tight teen one instead.
Title: Virgin Discoveries
Date: 27.04.10
ID: 4752
File: 20100427_4752_briana_blair.wmv
Size: 2,55 Gb
Length: 00:29:59
Cast: Briana Blair, James Deen
Category: big dicks, blowjob, facial, tattoo, teen, sixty-nine
Rating: 8.86
While Briana was away for the summer her best friend lost her virginity to their old friend James. When her friend shows her how big his penis was Briana doesn't believe her. So she calls him over to give him a blowjob while Briana watches from the closet but when Briana sees James' huge cock she needs to have it all to herself!
Title: Getting Her Priorities Straight
Date: 04.05.10
ID: 4780
File: 20100504_4780_chloe_cane.wmv
Size: 2,11 Gb
Length: 00:24:52
Cast: Chloe Cane, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits
Rating: 8.5
Chloe is completely out of control and needs to get her priorities in order. Her parents threaten to send her to boot camp but she refuses to go. They call over Sergeant Scott to speak to her but she refuses to listen until he does what he does best....He gives her a big drilling.
Title: Cock Roulette
Date: 11.05.10
ID: 4805
File: 20100511_4805_jamey_jane.wmv
Size: 2,62 Gb
Length: 00:30:49
Cast: Jamey Janes, Jordan Ash
Category: big dicks, blonde, natural tits, teen
Rating: 8.08
Jamey and her best friend Jennifer are home alone and bored. Looking for some fun, the teens decide to log onto a chat room to find some cute boys to flirt with. They come across Jordan, who flashes them the biggest cock they've ever seen. And as luck would have it, Jordan happens to live in the neighborhood.
Title: You Steal My Clothes, I Steal Your Cock
Date: 18.05.10
ID: 4825
File: 20100518_4825_candace_cage.wmv
Size: 2,39 Gb
Length: 00:28:11
Cast: Candace Cage, Jordan Ash
Category: blowjob, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen
Rating: 8.43
Candace has had enough of her sister stealing her clothes. The shit really hits the fan when Candace discovers that her sister's boyfriend came all over her expensive new tank top. Pissed off at her sister, Candace decides that a little payback is in order. If her sister insists on stealing her clothes, then Candace will just have to steal her boyfriend.
Title: Roller Girl
Date: 25.05.10
ID: 4834
File: 20100525_4834_jackie_daniels04.wmv
Size: 3,49 Gb
Length: 00:38:57
Cast: Jackie Daniels, Cris Commando
Category: cumshot, facial, natural tits, teen
Rating: 7.97
Jackie is spending a beautiful day outside rollerblading in the park when she takes a shortcut and gets lost. Luckily she spots Chris's car in the parking lot so she asks for a ride. They converse in the car about naughty stories and when they get in Jackie's bedroom Chris's big dick becomes the main topic. Jackie is a horny tight teen that loves being satisfied by a monster dick.
Title: Just The Tip
Date: 01.06.10
ID: 4850
File: 20100601_4850_allie_jennifer.wmv
Size: 3,45 Gb
Length: 00:35:59
Cast: Jennifer White, Allie Haze, Keiran Lee
Category: amateur, ass licking, brunette, cum swapping, cumshot, facial, hardcore, natural tits, teen, threesome
Rating: 9.22
Allie has a Canadian boyfriend with an average cock, nonetheless who is she to know having never seen another, so its no surprise when her roommate Jennifer shows up with a 12 inch cock from her sorority party, surprising Allie who can't understand how anything that big can exist. She is persuaded to have a taste and experience just the tip however she mans-up to accepting the full weight of the cock as she realizes her life will never be the same again.
Title: Drive Faster, Speed Turns Me On!
Date: 08.06.10
ID: 4859
File: 20100608_4859_bella_cole02.wmv
Size: 2,90 Gb
Length: 00:34:08
Cast: Bella Cole, James Deen
Category: brunette, facial, teen, socks
Rating: 8.33
After missing her bus, Bella decides to walk home. Her luck improves when James stops his car and offers her a ride. Bella is turned on by fast cars and can't resist taking James up on his offer. After a little bit of speeding puts Bella in the mood, she brings James back to her house where she shows him how she "drives stick".
Title: Everything Is Big In America
Date: 15.06.10
ID: 4861
File: 20100615_4861_aleska_diamond.wmv
Size: 2,82 Gb
Length: 00:33:15
Cast: Aleska Diamond, Johnny Sins
Category: ass to mouth, blonde, teen, anal, euro
Rating: 9.23
Aleska just traveled as a foreign exchange student from Hungary to her new home in America. When given the tour of her new home she is amazed how everything is big in America. However, she becomes extremely amazed when she is introduced to Johnny and finds out how big dicks are in America.
Title: I Love Johnny Zucco
Date: 22.06.10
ID: 4865
File: 20100622_4865_sasha_heart.wmv
Size: 2,63 Gb
Length: 00:32:12
Cast: Sasha Heart, Johnny Sins
Category: ass licking, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen, footjob
Rating: 7.97
Sasha is the new girl at school and is willing to do anything to be part of the cool group. The girls from the crew give her a makeover and realize its not enough. They feel to be part of the cool group she has to be able to take a dick like a cool girl. So they take her over to the neighborhood diner, where they bump into big dick Johnny Zucco.
Title: Sweet 18 Slut
Date: 29.06.10
ID: 4878
File: 20100629_4878_vanessa_cage.wmv
Size: 3,08 Gb
Length: 00:37:14
Cast: Vanessa Cage, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, blonde, deep throat, facial, natural tits, teen, tongue ring
Rating: 9.04
Vanessa has a big celebration for her sweet 18 birthday party with all her friends and a Master of Ceremonies. She becomes annoyed with all her lame gifts, so after all the guests have left, Keiran tries to cheer her up. He has one last gift for her that may just do the trick... his big cock.
Title: Double Trouble
Date: 06.07.10
ID: 4905
File: 20100706_4905_proxy_paige.wmv
Size: 2,45 Gb
Length: 00:29:01
Cast: Proxy Paige, Jordan Ash
Category: ass to mouth, blonde, deep throat, natural tits, teen, anal
Rating: 8.08
Proxy is only going out with Jordan for his money. He's all too happy to become her sugar daddy as long as he gets laid. However, Proxy is holding out until Jordan pays her tuition. Knowing he has a big cock, Proxy convinces her twin sister to sleep with him in order to get what she wants. In the end, every party is happy.
Title: Tip Me Mister Grocery Boy
Date: 13.07.10
ID: 4928
File: 20100713_4928_allie_jordan.wmv
Size: 2,50 Gb
Length: 00:31:08
Cast: Allie Jordan, Ramon
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, teen
Rating: 7.3
Allie wants to go out to look for boys, but her parents have left her a note saying to stay and wait for the groceries to be delivered. When the delivery man comes, Allie realizes that the only thing that she is hungry for is a big dick.
Title: Goldicocks
Date: 20.07.10
ID: 4946
File: 20100720_4946_heather_starlet.wmv
Size: 3,04 Gb
Length: 00:37:41
Cast: Heather Starlet, Johnny Sins
Category: ass licking, big dicks, blonde, deep throat, natural tits, stockings
Rating: 8.59
Goldicocks went searching in the enchanted forest for someone to fuck. It was when she was lost she knew she was out of luck. Then through the trees she saw a cottage to her disbelief. The blond slut would saunter over there to end her grief. It's there she will find what she seeks. A face full of jizz.
Title: The Nails Manor
Date: 27.07.10
ID: 4961
File: 20100727_4961_ashli_danica.wmv
Size: 3,41 Gb
Length: 00:47:10
Cast: Danica Dillan, Ashli Orion, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, brunette, latina, natural tits, teen, threesome, anal
Rating: 9
There are a lot of rumours going around about Mr. nails in the neighbourhood. Some say he's a creep, some say he's a freak, but many say he has a huge cock. When 2 girls trespass on his property to retrieve their frisbee, they catch a glimpse of Mr. Nails' cock. It does in fact appear to be huge, but the girls won't find out if it's real unless they fuck him.
Title: Ally Drops an Album
Date: 03.08.10
ID: 4990
File: 20100803_4990_ally_kay.wmv
Size: 2,40 Gb
Length: 00:28:23
Cast: Ally Kay, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, cumshot, natural tits, teen, rough sex
Rating: 8.8
Ally has been rising through the ranks and everyone in the underground music scene knows about her by name. Scott happens to overhear her latest "Big cock" song and can tell all she needs is some street credit to back her words up.
Title: Brazzers Naughty Services
Date: 10.08.10
ID: 5003
File: 20100810_5003_bella_banxx.wmv
Size: 2,20 Gb
Length: 00:26:27
Cast: Bella Banxx, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, blonde, facial, natural tits, teen
Rating: 8.46
At Brazzers Naughty Services, we supply the hottest teens to all our gentleman clients. Tight teens is the promise we make to you. We will go over your slut preference list where upon a pristine model will be selected for you. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Title: Eleven Inches of Heaven
Date: 17.08.10
ID: 5005
File: 20100817_5005_victoria_white.wmv
Size: 2,73 Gb
Length: 00:33:52
Cast: Victoria White, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blonde, facial, natural tits, teen, high heels, ass fingering
Rating: 7.98
When Victoria arrives at a friend's party, the birthday girl asks her if she would like to play seven minutes in heaven. She agrees and excitedly lets herself be blindfolded and led into the closet. Once there, Victoria's friends decide to leave her alone to be discovered by Scott; a horny son of a bitch that just can't let an opportunity like this escape him. He then proceeds to give Victoria HIS eleven inches of heaven!
Title: The Karate Dick
Date: 24.08.10
ID: 5021
File: 20100824_5021_gracie_glam.wmv
Size: 2,39 Gb
Length: 00:30:01
Cast: Gracie Glam, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, natural tits, 69
Rating: 8.82
Gracie wishes to learn the art of karate, so she goes to a class only to be shunned and ridiculed for being an emo girl. When things are about to get violent, the janitor saves her. It turns out the janitor is none other than Johnny Sins, an 8th degree black belt. He decides to train Gracie and make her his protege.
Title: A Lesson in Big Cock
Date: 31.08.10
ID: 5035
File: 20100831_5035_katie_summers.wmv
Size: 2,88 Gb
Length: 00:35:48
Cast: Katie Summers, Johnny Sins
Category: brunette, facial, anal, pigtails
Rating: 8.01
Katie is fed up with her sister. Ever since leaving their father's home in Brooklyn, Katie's sister has taken every opportunity to bust her...errr...ovaries. Fed up with her sister's bragging about the size of her boyfriend's cock, Katie decides that if her sister is so eager to see it, then she'll just have to taker her up on her offer.
Title: Cock Under The Sun
Date: 07.09.10
ID: 5039
File: 20100907_5039_lily_luvs.wmv
Size: 2,39 Gb
Length: 00:31:15
Cast: Lily Luvs, Jordan Ash
Category: blonde, deep throat, facial, natural tits, outdoor sex, teen, pool
Rating: 8.17
It is one hot summer day and Lily needs to cool off. She sees that her neighbour is enjoying the day in his pool, so she asks if she can partake. He is more than willing to let her use his pool, but only if she does something for him in return. I hope she doesn't do anything I wouldn't do.
Title: The Monster
Date: 14.09.10
ID: 5076
File: 20100914_5076_jessie_andrews.wmv
Size: 2,99 Gb
Length: 00:35:35
Cast: Jessie Andrews, Johnny Sins
Category: blonde, facial, teen, small boobs
Rating: 7.96
When Jessie gets caught using the rich girls bathroom, she's given an opportunity to join them. To pass the initiation all she has to do is wait in the bathroom until 3:30. At that time Jessie becomes property of..."The Monster"
Title: Obsessive Cock Disorder
Date: 21.09.10
ID: 5066
File: 20100921_5066_jynx_maze.wmv
Size: 3,09 Gb
Length: 00:36:37
Cast: Jynx Maze, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, brunette, natural tits, teen, anal
Rating: 9.08
Jynx is Johnny's biggest fan. She is so obsessed with him, that she breaks into his house and masturbates in his bedroom. Johnny is shocked and angry to find her waiting for him when he gets home. Jynx agrees to leave if he'll give her an autograph where the pen is his cock and the ink is his cum.
Title: Get Away Cock
Date: 28.09.10
ID: 5085
File: 20100928_5085_lexi_bloom.wmv
Size: 2,47 Gb
Length: 00:29:14
Cast: Lexi Bloom, Jordan Ash
Category: brunette, facial, natural tits, petite, tiny tits, doggystyle
Rating: 8.67
Lexi is shopping for her first set of lingerie. She tries on half the garments in the store and is very rude to the sales lady. Lexi is not satisfied with the service and asks for Jordan, the manager. He comes over and Lexi convinces him that she was not treated well at all. Jordan apologizes and gives her the best service ever.
Title: Penetration is the Foundation of a Good Education
Date: 05.10.10
ID: 5100
File: 20101005_5100_dani_jensen.wmv
Size: 2,57 Gb
Length: 00:31:52
Cast: Dani Jensen, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, blowjob, natural tits, red head, teen, school girl
Rating: 8.71
Dani is a ravishing redhead who's on a train going nowhere. Naturally, her mother is concerned. She asks the neighborhood nerd, Johnny to talk to Dani and convince her to go to college. Johnny's not much of a talker, but he does have a big cock and nothing convinces a chick to go to college more than giving her a good deep-dicking!
Title: Movie Night, Schmovie Night. Bitch, Suck My Cock!
Date: 12.10.10
ID: 5114
File: 20101012_5114_allie_jordan02.wmv
Size: 2,14 Gb
Length: 00:26:00
Cast: Allie Jordan, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, brunette, deep throat, facial, teen, tiny tits
Rating: 7.37
Keiran and his girlfriend are settling in for a quiet movie night at home. However, their plans are quickly foiled when the neighborhood tart, Allie comes over to join in the fun. Keiran's sweetie falls asleep while they watch a film, leaving Keiran all alone with Allie. Oh, and did we mention that Allie totally wants to jump his bones? With Keiran's lady out like a light, Allie finally gets her chance!
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