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Скачать порно The Whole Enchilada 3 / Большая порция 3 Cabo/Vouyer Media) через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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The Whole Enchilada 3 / Большая порция 3

Год производства: 2008 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Gonzo, Interracial (WDLC), Latin
Movie - 02:56:20
Bonus Scene - 00:12:26
Behind the Scenes - 00:38:13
Язык: Английский, Испанский
Режиссер: Donnie (Senor) Cabo
Студия: Vouyer Media
C участием:
Scene 1. Vanessa Lee, Anthony Rosano
Scene 2. Esperanza Diaz, Jerry
Scene 3. Monica Raiders, Rick Masters
Scene 4. Cassandra Cruz, Dick Delaware
Scene 5. Bridgett B., Joe Blow, Talon
DVD Bonus. Katie Cummings, Vince Vouyer
20 year old Vanessa opens up with a super sexy intro tease showing off her amazing body. She is dressed up in adorable pink panties and matching bra set as well as some black high heels. To open up the Scene we see Vanessa walking down some stairs. Once she is down her male scene partner is in awe of her beauty. He rubs on her body and gets to know her a bit before pulling down her top to reveal her sexy small tits and hard nipples. Before long Vanessa is stroking on his large cock and on her knees sucking him off. Vanessa Stands up teases the camera a bit before pulling down her panties and having the guy quickly eat her asshole before fucking her while she is bent over the stair railing. Vanessa gets fucked that way for a while before going back to suck his cock. The male talent then picks her up takes her to a sofa where he spits on her cunt and fucks her in Missionary. This girl looks amazing here and i had to cool myself off just to continue watching the scene. They fuck in Missionary for a while before moving into spooning and then doggy. The male talent then turns Vanessa around and fucks her tight beautiful pussy in reverse cowgirl before he eating out her shaved cunt and asshole. They go back to fucking in Doggy style where he gives Vanessa's pussy a nice pounding before he gets her on the floor in the pile driver position where he fucks her until he is ready to cum. Vanessa finally sucks him off until he pops into her open mouth.
Esperanza is sitting on a chair wearing a red and black matching bra and pantie set. Donnie interviews her for a while in Spanish where we find out that this girl is only 19 years old. She has a very playful personality and says she has been fucking since she was 13 and has 6 years of extensive experience under her belt. Esperanza shows off her natural tits and does some erotic dancing / teasing before pulling down her panties and rubbing her beautiful pussy. Jerry enters the room and begins by licking on her cunt before having her suck on his cock. She does a bit of nice cock sucking before mounting Jerry in Cowgirl where she rides him while showing off her nice tight asshole. After cowgirl she goes down and sucks on his cock before they turn to fucking in Doggy. They continue to fuck going into several positions including Reverse cowgirl, missionary, and then a return to Doggy where she gets filled and moans in extreme pleasure. Jerry then turns Esperanza on her back where he then enters her tight cunt pumps her for a good while before reverting back into the Doggy position. He fucks pussy bent over before turning her back into missionary where he fills her cunt up with his cock up until he shoots a massive load of cum all over her slit and leg.
Donnie finds a gangster looking Monica roaming the back alleys of her barrio. He begins to question her and finds out she only speaks Spanish and is from Mexico. He asks her if she likes sex and she says yes. Donnie then asks if she would like to make some money by having sex with some guy. She says yes as long as the guy is Guapo aka Hot. Donnie then takes her to Rick Masters who is sitting on a couch at his house. Rick is intrigued by this girl and asks how old Monica is and she says 18. She takes a seat next to Rick and before long she is getting groped and undressed. Before we know it Monica is laying on her back on the couch getting her clean shaved pussy eaten out. Rick eats her out for a while before he has her suck on his cock. He mouth fucks Monica for a minute before having her sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl. They fuck in that position for a period before Monica gets off him to suck on his cock and then turn around and fuck Rick in Cowgirl. They continue to fuck in several positions and Monica looks beautiful in each one. She looked especially good getting her pussy filled in doggy style. Rick finally lays back Monica in Missionary where he fucks the hell out of her cunt until he drenches her pussy in cum. Donnie asks Rick whens the last time you came man....has it been a while?
Cassandra is sitting on a couch looking sexier than ever dressed up in a beautiful turquoise top, a white skirt with blue and white panties underneath, as well as some sexy as fuck high heels. Donnie Cabo just like the previous scenes is interviewing her en Espaniol and Cassandra sounds so sexy speaking her foreign language. We find out hat Cassandra is 25 years old and is from Peru. We also find out that This will be the first time Cassandra will get fucked in her asshole. Cassandra begins by revealing her pussy and wonderful tits to the camera. Dick enters the room and begins by rubbing and kissing on Cassandra before getting her nude. Dick then has Cassandra suck on his cock and balls which she does a great job at. After some cock sucking Cassandra gets in the Doggy position where Dick begins by fingering her asshole with 2 fingers and he can barley fit them both inside. After a bit of asshole and pussy licking Dick begins to fuck Cassandra's asshole with his large cock. Cassandra loves it and screams in pleasure on more than one occasion. After some anal fucking in Doggy style Dick flips Cassandra on her side where he quickly fucks her ass. They then quickly change into reverse cowgirl where he fucks her tight Latin cunt. After Reverse cowgirl they go into cowgirl where Cassandra ask's if Dick wants to cum in her ass and he says yes. He flips her over with her ass in the air where he sticks his dick inside her ass and cums. She then bends over and cumfarts some of his cum onto the floor.
Cover girl Bridget is a Platinum Blond with nice brown skin and a killer body. She is checking herself out in the mirror wearing black boy short type bottoms and a black top that reveal her amazing tits. Joe walks up to Bridget and she asks "who are you, "don't touch me." But she very quickly changes tune when she notices how much he likes her body. He reaches back to grab on his cock through his pants and notices he has a very large dick. Joe begins by sucking in her tits and she loves it. He then proceeds to pull down her panties and eat and slap her ass while she is still standing. Joe then Leads Bridget to another location where she gets on her knees and sucks on his big cock. She sucks cock with lots of passion and looks so great with her ruby red lips wrapped around a cock. Joe then quickly gets titty fucked by Bridget before having her suck on his cock. She then stands up and Joe pulls down her panties. Once her panties are down Joe bends her over a love seat and fucks Bridget in Doggy. Before long Talon shows up and Joe asks if she doesn't mind if they share her between the two of them and she is fine with that. While Joe is fucking her from behind Talon fills her mouth with his cock. Bridget then gets layed on her back where Talon takes a turn at fucking her pussy in Missionary while Joe takes his turn at getting his cock sucked. The guys then switch positions and continue fucking Bridget for a while until she gets on her knees to simultaneously suck both of them off. After sucking both guys off they take her to a bed where Talon gets on his back and Bridget sucks on his cock while Joe fucks her from behind. Bridget then mounts Talon in reverse cowgirl and fucks him for a while. At the same time she is fucking talon she is Sucking on Joe's dick. Joe then gets on his back and had Bridget fuck him in cowgirl while she sucks off Talon. The guys repeat this formula of one fucking Bridget while the other gets oral for a few more frames until Bridget gets on her knees and both guys cum in her mouth at the same time.
Katie Cummings give Vince Vouyer a blowjob until he blows his load of cum into Katie's mouth.

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