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Скачать порно Boku no Elf Onee-san через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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avatar Sakura

Boku no Elf Onee-san僕のエルフお姉さん

Год выпуска: 2016
Дата релиза: 2016/12/23
Жанр: Elf,Dark skin,Virgin,Pregnant,Stockings,X-Ray,Toys,Big tits,Anal,Blowjob,Titsjob,Footjob,Rape,Group sex
Цензура: Есть
Разработчик/Издатель: Black Lilith
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Системные требования (минимальные): OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, CPU: 2GHz, RAM: 256MB, 1024*768, HDD:1.5GB DirectX: 9.0
[b]Описание: A world unlimitedly similar to the present age.
However, this world was a world that coexists with intellectual life forms different from humans, called "elves".
When has elves evolved from when and when they differ from humans -
Why elves and humans, two intellectual life forms were born simultaneously -
The study to explore the mystery was called "elf study".
The hero, father of Takumi Kirihara, Ryutaro Kirihara is a leading expert on the research of elf science at university.
For this reason, the Kirihara family lives together with a woman elf.
Her name is Sophia, Ardis, Fairgrin.
In order to cooperate with the research on the human side by Sofia''s father''s proposal
Special seminar lecturer at Ryutaro''s seminar, she is also enrolled in the university as a research subject sample.
Takuma and Sophia grew up together since childhood and have been friends like sister and brother -
As they grew, they began to become conscious of each other as heterosexual.
Two people who live life under one roof without being able to take a step from the relationship of childhood friend.
One day, Ryūtaro is away from home for several days to conduct research presentations abroad.
Both men and women who are two people check each other''s feelings and they are finally tied as lovers.
Takuma and Sophia at the culmination of happiness.
...... But the dark shields creeping up on them.
A story tearing apart of loving lovers was trying to raise the curtains seriously.
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