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Furry Science: Rack 2Год выпуска: 2015
Жанр: 3D, ADV, Constructor, Yiff, Furry
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издатель: Fek
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: В разработке
Версия: 0.1.7-0.1.8
Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный
Сайт разработчика: http://furry.science
Системные требования (минимальные):
OS: Windows 7; Mac; Linux; HDD 2ГбОписание: Rack 2''s core gameplay is similar in nature to Rack 1. You will be presented with characters in science-themed bondage scenarios, and given a number of toys and gadgets to interact with them. Unlike Rack 1, Rack 2 will feature several different bondage poses and machines, and it will allow you to control a heavily-customizable scientist character, so you can pleasure your subjects personally in a fashion similar to Bedplay.

Because Rack 2 is being developed in 3D, you will have full control of the camera and viewing angles, including a first-person interaction mode and the ability to set up cameras throughout the testing environment for alternate views in real time. Like Midnight Fireworks and Bedplay, Rack 2 will have a method to automate your actions, while your hands are busy doing other things.Доп. информация:
Игра "запакована" в образ - это значит, что образ послужил в качестве архиватора. Содержимое образа достаточно распаковать на локальный диск, ̶и̶л̶и̶ ̶ж̶е̶ ̶з̶а̶п̶у̶с̶т̶и̶т̶ь̶ ̶и̶г̶р̶у̶ ̶н̶е̶ ̶р̶а̶с̶п̶а̶к̶о̶в̶ы̶в̶а̶я̶....\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\characters - экспортированные и импортированные персонажи находятся в этой директории. Экспортировать и импортировать персонажа можно в меню редактора, внизу.
...\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\speciesDefinitions - добавляет или убирает новые виды "клиентов". Если вас интересует только один вид, то уберите все файлы из директории, кроме нужного. Легальный способ не работает в игре (через настройки предпочтений). Убрав всех кроме нужного вида клиента, вам все равно будут выдавать тот же рандомный набор.Последнее обновление разадчи: 22.12.16
x64 до 0.1.8
Не обновлено:
х32, Mac, Linux версии 0.1.7
Вариант 1.
1. Вытащить содержимое образа на локальный диск.
2. Запустить игру в первый раз.

Вариант 2.
1. Запустить игру с образа в первый раз.
Не работает?
2. ...\AppData\LocalLow\Fek - Убрать галочку "только для чтения".
2.1. Запустить игру.
Не работает?
3. ...\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\characterTextures - Убрать галочку "только для чтения".
3.1. Запустить игру.
Не работает?
4. Удалить папку: "characterTextures".
4.1. Запустить игру.
Не работает?
5. Удалить папку: "Fek".
6. Вытащить содержимое образа на локальный диск.
7. Запустить игру.

Не работает - это тогда, когда зависает игра при начале новой игры, на индикаторе загрузки. По крайне мере, это было в пункте "1" в "Варианте 2".
В версии игры 0.1.8 не было замечено обнуление игрового прогресса, но все же, советую седлать резерв необходимых файлов игры.

Перед запуском новой версии игры, следует сделать копии некоторых файлов в директории "Fek", если конечно, вы не хотите начать с чистого листа. Можете саму папку "Fek" скопировать, ибо при запуске новой версии игры, папка "Fek" будет пересоздана или обновлена так, что от вашего прибывания ничего не останется.
...\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\characters - следует скопировать только кастомные файлы.
...\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\savedata
...\AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\speciesDefinitions - следует скопировать только кастомные файлы, если таковы были добавлены вами.

Я без понятия, будут ли сами сохранения компании работать, но импорт ваших персонажей, на мой взгляд, будет доступен.
Все есть в комментариях под раздачей. Не поленитесь полистать 3 страниц (больше 3 страниц? сами виноваты, нечего было плодить), а не плодить одни и те же вопросы, когда ответ на них был уже дан.

Я мог бы оставить тут FAQ, но у меня нет желания этим заниматься.
Если нужно будет обновить раздачу, то напишите эл. письмо с ссылкой на обновленную версию игры, сюда: obnovlenierazdachi@mail.ru
Тема письма: Furry Science: Rack 2 [версия]

"Automatic controls, better option menus" - December 19, 2016
- I''ve started working on the preferences / fetishes framework. Currently, very few elements of the framework actually have any content, but clients will now spawn with random preferences and fetishes, which are polled during interactions to determine their enjoyment.
- I''ve put a little bit of work into the options menu, and there are now a handful of graphics and gameplay settings to play with. You can also rebind key controls.
- You can now drop characters into the /characters/custom/ folder and they will show up as clients, from time to time. You can adjust the frequency in the options menu.
- A couple of new control schemes have been added: semi-automatic (move the mouse anywhere and the interaction will autoplay based on how fast you''re moving) and automatic (push the cursor up to go faster, pull down to go slower). Also, the default/manual control mode now has dynamic sensitivity, so you can make precise movements while moving slowly, and you can do faster thrusts with less effort/movement.
- Character rigging has been tweaked, particularly around the crotch, breasts, waist, and butt.
- Some new systems have been added to prevent clothing from clipping into the body during animation. However, because of the character rigging changes, the clothing needs to be rerigged, and you may still notice some clipping around the waist.
- Language support for old english, norwegian, UK english, swedish, and portuguese (Portugal dialect)
- Some bugs have been fixed:
- 0000097: [Bugs] Tail physics are twitchy, especially at near-vertical axes
- 0000104: [Bugs] Memory glitch - still in 0.1.7
- 0000113: [Bugs] Adjusting clitoris size when playing as hermaphrodite produces giant clitoris
- 0000108: [Bugs] Possible to infinitely expand locker item grid
- 0000107: [Bugs] Able to equip/unequip items while in locker menu
- 0000102: [Bugs] Can click through embellishment menus onto the character and accidentally place new embellishments.
- 0000100: [Bugs] Lab edit allows for specimen cooler stacking.
- 0000115: [Bugs] Creating a female character from a species definition causes the pubic bone to invert

"Physics stability, bug fixes, and satisfaction" - November 20, 2016
- Physics stability has been improved to some degree. The game''s physics are still far from polished / final, but there should be a little less twitching / spastic behavior all around.
- I''ve started working on the client satisfaction framework. Currently, very few elements of the framework actually have any content, but you can now receive a little bit of money by bringing clients (but not volunteers or research subjects) to orgasm before ending their session.
- Several new species have been added to the game: cheetah, husky, eastern dragon, kobold, raptor (feathered and unfeathered variants - shoutout to >1144736), "shark dragon", shark, and snow leopard.
- A brief guide on how to create new species (using existing parts) has been added for modders. It can be found in the appdata folder at: /speciesDefinitions/_HOW_TO_CREATE_SPECIES.txt
- Several bugs have been fixed:
- 0000089: [Bugs] Character model and controls gitch out if lab is edited while sitting
- 0000082: [Bugs] Progress in Chemical conversion not saved
- 0000076: [Bugs] Music freezes when research grid is quickly filled
- 0000094: [Bugs] Decals draw a square to the FX layer
- 0000090: [Bugs] Possible to select hotspots from non-current subject
- 0000080: [Bugs] Showering with cockring
- 0000066: [Bugs] Toy interaction UI stays after client session is ended.
- 0000085: [Bugs] Unable to open lab room doors while in editing mode
- 0000096: [Bugs] Teleporting to the showers sometimes drops you under the map after teleport
- 0000077: [Bugs] Physics unstable / jitter
- 0000014: [Bugs] UI and Physics break at very low framerates
- 0000093: [Bugs] Tail breaks when length set to zero
- 0000069: [Bugs] Pressing "Esc" in Pattern Screen
- 0000091: [Bugs] Color picker reticle isn''t displayed in character editor
- 0000067: [Bugs] Tail seems to become larger overtime - still in 0.1.6
- 0000092: [Bugs] Quickstart clipboard color hexes don''t properly relate to their parent, shift on first click
- 0000075: [Bugs] Bizarre memory glitch with the showers in 0.1.6
- 0000079: [Bugs] Dildo in hand when self pleasuring
- 0000087: [Bugs] Glowing layers shine through non-glowing layers with a higher Z
- 0000086: [Bugs] Glowing layers don''t work if they are being masked
- 0000072: [Bugs] "Glowing" penises only work with sheaths & slits

"Toys and crafting framework" - October 25, 2016
- The crafting framework is up and running. You can now unlock and purchase two crafting stations: the Material Synthesis Station, and the Gyro Dock.
- It is now possible to craft toys using a combination of money and other toys / components. For instance, you can craft a Cock Ring at the Material Synthesis Station, then take it to the Gyro Dock to turn it into a Vibrating Cock Ring.
- You can now press TAB while interacting with a test subject to change their equipment, including their clothing and their equipped sex toys.
- You can now drag some toys (like the Dildo) onto your toolbar from the inventory screen (TAB).
- You can now remove clothing by clicking the paper doll, instead of having to click the item labels.
- Research subjects can now have multiple prerequisites. For instance, the Vibrating Cock Ring requires you to have completed research for the Cock Ring and the Gyro Dock.
- Dramatically improved the performance of penetrator girth polling, which means you shouldn''t run into severe hiccups as a character becomes more erect. The new system also polls toys and other penetrators dynamically, paving the way for custom / importable dildos.
- Sex toys can now be linked to a gadget interface. For instance, the Vibrating Cock Ring has a remote control interface when equipped on the player or a test subject.
- Items can now have properties, allowing for a moderate degree of customization. For instance, Dildos and Cock Rings can be manufactured using various materials, which persist even as the item is upgraded / used as a component to make other toys.
- Rendering performance in the
research rooms has been improved.
- All of the physics in the game are still buggy and unfinished, but I''ve fixed a few issues related to breasts, tails, and butts behaving even more oddly than normal / failing to react to gravity.
- The random character generator now properly distinguishes between mherms (flat-chested with masculine faces) and fherms (breasts and feminine faces).
- Some minor interface improvements
- Some bugs have been fixed:
- 0000053: [Bugs] Tail seems to become larger overtime.
- 0000064: [Bugs] Finger target assignment doesn''t scale properly
- 0000054: [Bugs] Appendages / hair don''t change to ghost shader during zoomed-in interactions
- 0000052: [Bugs] BondageApparatus initial scaling happens correctly after creation, but needs to also be done after new subject is loaded/rebuilt
- 0000057: [Bugs] Game receives onMouseOver events while minimized
- 0000063: [Bugs] Using special characters in name breaks save system
- 0000048: [Bugs] infinite loading
- 0000059: [Bugs] Vaginal with hermaphrodite causes penis to inflate
- 0000061: [Bugs] Character Loading Screen Glitch
- 0000060: [Bugs] Menu and character editor open simultaneously

"Lots of bug fixes / post-0.1.4 cleanup" - October 10, 2016
- I realized that after spending a bunch of time getting the global illumination to work properly in the lab rooms, I forgot to actually include it in the last build. This build includes it. If you''re still running 0.1.4, you can see the difference by pressing and holding M.
- I turned the B cheat key back on, for now. Have fun!
- You can now use the "skiptour" console command to skip the requisitions officer''s tour when making a new file.
- Several bugs have been fixed:
- 0000038: [Bugs] Tail momentum inverted
- 0000051: [Bugs] Fake ambient/GI in rooms is still bound to the debug switch key / M
- 0000032: [Bugs] Changing from Textures menu to Embellishments menu with the color picker open doesn''t close the picker
- 0000026: [Bugs] Character falls into central elevator when jumping onto the elevator pad
- 0000024: [Bugs] Shading on manes breaks after exiting the research interface
- 0000039: [Bugs] Appendage specularity fixed at 1
- 0000047: [Bugs] Blue interaction map gets plastered over PC texture when exiting interaction
- 0000040: [Bugs] Camera locks while interacting with a lab subject and "L" edit button is pressed
- 0000033: [Bugs] Foot claws on generated characters disappear when entering embellishment editor
- 0000041: [Bugs] Interact with self is slow and can be done at weird opportunities
- 0000019: [Bugs] Game Freeze For Canine Character Self Pleasure
- 0000044: [Bugs] Tour guide/Requisitions guide stops giving the tour
- 0000043: [Bugs] Cum clips through PC''s body while riding test subject during orgasm
- 0000023: [Bugs] Dripping from anus not working anymore
- 0000042: [Bugs] Save screen profile pictures missing
- 0000037: [Bugs] Character creation clipboard clipped by BG fader
- 0000022: [Bugs] Tour guide/Requisitions Officer disappears into the wall on loading if you don''t interact with them the first time
- 0000015: [Bugs] Adding two types of hair (e.g. tuft + ponytail) and then editing breaks character editor.
- 0000035: [Bugs] Unable to have two different hair styles without the camera glitched, making it unable to move the camera around

"Shopping, lab editing, total shader/lighting overhaul" - October 9, 2016
- I ran into some issues with the old shaders I was using, so I decided to completely overhaul all of the shaders, materials, and lighting throughout the game. These "updated graphics" are not representative of the final game (content development is phase 3, and polish is phase 4), but I am curious to hear if people prefer this style or the old, toony style.
- As a reminder, optimization is one of the very last steps in the game development process
(part of phase 4), and these development builds are NOT fully optimized. With that said, however, I have made a handful of non-trivial optimizations in this build, especially related to physics and inverse kinematics. This has significantly reduced the CPU time per cycle, especially on the character selection screen and scenes where multiple characters are visible. In my stress-testing benchmarks, I was able to push my framerate from 18FPS to 52FPS. I am curious to hear how the game performs for everyone else - especially those of you who were previously CPU-bound.
- There are no new sexual interactions in this build. As a reminder, we are still in phase 1 of development, which means I''m still setting up the core systems and frameworks for the game before I start adding a lot of content/gameplay. Most of the sexual interactions will be added in phase 2, and most of the toys/gadgets will be added in phase 3.
- The shopping framework has been implemented. Currently, there is only one shop accessible: the requisitions shop. You can open this shop by speaking to your requisitions officer, down by the garage. From there, you can order new lab equipment, lights, and furniture.
- The delivery/queue framework has been implemented. After placing a shopping order (or eventually, a crafting order), the order will be delivered after a variable amount of time. You can pick up finished/delivered orders at the appropriate crafting station, or in the garage.
- The lab editing framework has been implemented. You can access lab editing mode by speaking to your requisitions officer, or by pressing L while you''re down in the lab.
- As part of the lab editing framework, you can now unlock, purchase, and place new lights in the testing rooms. These lights can be controlled via Lighting Control Panels.
- Additional music has been added to the game, and volume levels have been tweaked. Music is now a bit louder, by default. Its volume can still be adjusted independently, if you prefer quiet / no music.
- Specimen is now capped. You can increase your maximum specimen capacity by placing Specimen Coolers anywhere in your lab.
- A handful of animation and display improvements have been made.
- Several new bugs have likely been introduced in this build, because of the changes described above. Please continue to report bugs at: http://furry.science/reportabug
- A few bugs have been fixed:
- 0000031: [Bugs] Placing embellishments on the left foot has unpredictable results
- 0000028: [Bugs] Elevator glitch, stuck on platform
- 0000029: [Bugs] Plantigrade NPCs clip through their pants around the ankles

"Vaginal and oral frameworks, shiny hologram research interface." - September 21, 2016
- The vaginal penetration framework is up and running. You can now fuck vaginas. This interaction is not final.
- The oral framework is up and running, along with some IK modifications required by the framework. You can now suck dicks and swallow cum. This interaction is not final.
- For testing purposes, you now gather specimen automatically while interacting with a test subject. Eventually, you will gather different types of specimen by interacting with the subject in different ways. Right now, it all just goes up at the same rate, automatically.
- You can convert specimen into chemicals by using the centrifuge in the research room.
- You can now enter the research interface by using the VR pad in the research room.
- While in the research interface, you can move around to various research hotspots and spend your chemicals to solve patterns. Solving patterns will reward you with money, more chemicals of a specific type, or (eventually) new technology / toys / gadgets. Right now, there isn''t much real content yet - I''m just setting up the framework.
- Set up some proper bug tracking software. http://furry.science/reportabug/
- Fixed several bugsL
- 0000017: [Bugs] IK bend
goals for knees and elbows both behave oddly with extreme size differences
- 0000016: [Bugs] After pulling out with a larger phallus, you can''t penetrate again.
- 0000012: [Bugs] Rack foley ignores volume settings
- 0000008: [Bugs] Switching between actions while pleasuring self switches to subject
- 0000005: [Bugs] Pressing control Z in character editing creates a black, female shaped body inside of the characters body
- 0000002: [Bugs] Changing from "neuter" to "penis" causes a crash
- 0000001: [Bugs] Large embellishments are hidden by clothing

"More interaction framework, buttfucking and resistance." - September 3, 2016
- Improvements to interaction physics and IK alignment.
- Improvements to physics, momentum, and jiggle for many body parts.
- The penetration system is now more fleshed out. Anal fucking and anal riding are now functional.
- The interaction camera now shows a ghost of your character while zoomed in. This will be toggleable later.
- A free cam mode has been added. Tap F while interacting with a test subject to activate it.
- A number of screen effects have been added to indicate the player''s pleasure, pain, and overstimulation.
- The interaction interface now includes a reticle that should help make interactions feel more natural/intuitive. The interaction sensitivity is now adjustable via XML editing. There will be a proper interface for this later.
- The penetration resistance system has been revamped. The initial push in to an orifice should now behave properly based on the test subject''s tightness. Knots/tying are also now functional. These systems are likely to be tweaked/improved over time.
- A bunch of new audio has been added, especially for interaction foley.
- A little bit of premature level design / polish has been done.
- The interaction pose framework has been revamped. Characters will now automatically snap into the appropriate pose when performing certain interactions (e.g. sitting on top of the test subject when riding them, or standing closer while fucking them).
- You can now use your penis while wearing pants, and the game will automatically remove your pants for you.
- Fixed several bugs related to new character creation and embellishment editing.
- The rack chair has been tweaked a bit, and holograms will now position themselves automatically to help maintain visibility.

"Premature optimization and unfinished buttfuckery" - August 12, 2016
- This is primarily an optimization / performance patch. The game should now load faster, run more smoothly, and crash less often.
- I''ve also done a little bit of minor polish. Bear in mind that you are still playing a development build, not a proper alpha build, and certainly not a proper, polished game.
- The entire embellishments system has been rewritten to bake back down into the base mesh and update blendshapes accordingly. This means signficantly faster character loading, plus it gives me the option to use blendshapes in real time, which means there''s a better chance that content like area-specific muscle growth, transformation, and bulging will be supported.
- I have started setting up the penetration system, although it is not finished. You can finger and fuck assholes. Neither of those interactions is fully finished.
- I have started working on the cock polishing interaction. It is not fully finished.
- I have fixed several bugs.
- Ghost dicks/hands/vaginas/heads are now a little bit less hideous.
- IK has been improved for the performing character (i.e. you), resulting in slightly smoother animations during interactions. This is not finished.
- You can now pleasure yourself while interacting with a subject by clicking the "Pleasure Self" button in the bottom left corner. This only works if you''re not wearing pants.
- Pain and discomfort can now be registered by characters, and they will show some
basic emotional reactions to it.
- I have added a /help command to the console. You''re welcome, »589935.
- It should now be possible to delete save files without the game automatically closing.
- The interaction pose framework has been started. As a result, the "Stocks" bondage apparatus (which could only be obtained through developer commands / save file editing) is no longer functional. It will return.

"Strap a test subject in and jack them off" - August 1, 2016
- You can now select a test subject, assign them to a bondage apparatus, and interact with them. They will receive stimulation, which will give them either pleasure, discomfort, or overstimulation. With enough pleasure, their arousal, anticipation, and proximity to orgasm will rise. When their incoming pleasure and their orgasm buildup meet, they will have an orgasm.
- Characters with penises will drip precum as they approach orgasm. Female characters will get visibly wet and drip as they approach orgasm. If you interact with a wet vagina, your fingers/face/dick/etc will get visibly wet.
- Character primitive colliders have been heavily tweaked to allow better collision with cum.
- Characters with penises will cum when they orgasm. Female characters are currently unable to squirt, but it will be added as a fetish option and a rarely-occuring natural phenomenon.
- Interactions with a penetrator will now properly react to the penetrator''s girth.
- Interactions have been reworked to be significantly more modular, which also makes it tremendously easier to add new interaction types.
- You can now use your left hand when interacting with a test subject by holding L when you begin the interaction. A better interface will be developed for this later.
- Three interactions have been developed: tease a penis with your hands, giving a handjob, and rubbing a clitoris with your fingers.
- Foreskin now animates properly.
- Knots and equine flares now animate properly as the character approaches/reaches orgasm.
- Characters now display some basic emotional reactions and expressions while being stimulated. These are not final/finished.
- Got a very basic alternate bondage apparatus started, but not completed. You can try it out by pressing I in one of the lab rooms, clicking on the ground to place it, then pressing I again to exit editing mode.
- Added a credits screen.
- Fixed several character rendering bugs.
- Fixed a few physics bugs.

"Test subject selection and basic interaction IK" - July 1, 2016
- You can now open up a test subject selection interface by talking to the NPC at the Client Management Center (just past the showers). The test subjects are randomly generated (some of your preferences are taken into consideration, but some aren''t working yet).
- You can assign a randomly generated test subject to a rack chair and they will be placed into the chair.
- You can now enter interaction mode when near a test subject in a rack chair. While in interaction mode, you can select various tools, then click hotspots to interact with them. None of the interactions are actually working yet.
- I have set up some basic IK framework for interacting with hotspots. You can see a little bit of this work by using the hand tool to interact with a male subject''s penis. This is not finished.
- Herm genitals (dick + vagina, no balls) are working. Herm genitals with balls might still be coming, but I need to see how the penetration system works before I can make any promises.
- Character load time has been improved.
- Characters can now be generated with random decals.
- Fixed an eye clipping bug.
- Fixed a bug where volume would get set to zero during the new player sequence.
- Fixed some bugs with pants clipping on certain types of legs/feet.

"More launch bug fixes, plus decal drawing fix" - June 1, 2016
- Tweaked a couple more launch settings based on bug reports / feedback.
- Decal drawing is back up and running.

"Launch bug fixes" - May 30, 2016
- Graphics quality options should now be available again on the launcher.
- I accidentally forced the game to render in DX11 while I was playing with VR support. I''ve reverted that change, so now the game should automatically detect the correct render path for your computer. If you were running into launch bugs in 0.0.8, this might fix your problem.
- The game will now detect when an appdata wipe is necessary, and do it automatically. REMINDER: the game is still in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT, and it is extremely likely that YOUR SAVE DATA WILL BE WIPED FREQUENTLY. Please make backups of your existing save data each time you run a new version of the game, and bear in mind that your old save data might simply not work with newer versions of the game.
- I have made some optimizations to the character texture system that will improve load times and result in significantly lower memory usage. If you were experiencing crashes/freezing while building NPCs, this might fix your issue.

"New user sequence" - May 29, 2016
- Clothing is now loaded from the public resources directory, instead of internal resources, allowing it to be modded.
- I''ve put a little more work into the tail fur system. This system is still incomplete, but it now supports some organic randomization, more detail, and is generally just a little bit more pleasant to look at. I feel obligated to mention that while the system is incomplete and will still see improvements (especially once I start focusing on art, instead of frameworks), we are approaching the point where I say "chunky / low poly is the style I''m going for".
- Fixed several clothing clipping issues, and added some new street clothes for the PC to start in.
- Fixed several physics bugs, and improved the behavior and deformation of most body parts, especially the dick and breasts
- You can now equip clothing from a changing station in the showers.
- Clothing now covers up embellishments that would otherwise clip through the clothing. Some embellishments, like antlers and horns, are exempt from this.
- A decal painting system has been added to the character editor. You can now apply any image you want to a character, anywhere you want. A small library of test decals has been added. You can add more by simply dropping decals (256x256 PNG) into the \AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\decals\ directory.
- Any texture layer, including decals, can now be set to glow.
- Cleaned up the character editing interface a bit, and added a new relaxed T-pose option.
- Added functionality that allows characters to hold objects.
- NPCs are now generated with randomized color schemes.
- The character quick-start form now has a color randomization option.
- Improved the new player sequence a little bit. New players are taking to the character customization screen, then given a tour of the laboratory by the requisitions officer.
- Did some more level design stuff. There is now a client management desk, where you''ll select test subjects to put into your research rooms, as well as a storage area and a chemical research area.
- Reworked the embellishment system to be more resilient to mesh changes and custom body parts. As a result, embellishments might be misplaced on characters made in 0.0.7 or earlier.
- I have successfully gotten the Oculus Rift working inside the game. The interface isn''t properly arranged for VR, and there is not a proper first person mode, but I believe it''s now fairly safe to say that Rack 2 will eventually support VR.

"Dialogue, facial animations, and inventory system" - Apr 29 2016
- I''ve added back in one of the lower quality settings, for testing.
- The dialogue editing tools are now significantly more robust, and I''ve been a few trees for the receptionist and HR manager, to test them out. You can tinker with the editor by typing "dialogue" in the console. It''s not pretty / made for users.
- You can now open dialogue with NPCs. Dialogue can be fancy / formatted. It can call functions, get and set variables, and interact with your inventory.
- There is now an inventory system. You can view your on-person inventory by pressing TAB. You can use J, K, and L to give yourself test items to play around with. You also have some hidden storage containers, which is where items are sent if you can''t hold them.
- Dramatically improved loading times for characters that have already been built once, using a combination of texture caching, reference mesh caching, and seam vertex index caching.
- NPCs are now randomly generated based on some parameters that I can adjust for each NPC (for instance, the receptionist is very likely to be a small female, right now). NPCs then persist between sessions. If you''d like to generate new NPCs, delete their .rack2character files from \AppData\LocalLow\Fek\Rack 2_ Furry Science\characters\
- The facial animation system is now up and running, although I must stress that the actual animations are not finished. Facial animations can be triggered through dialogue, or you can test a few of them out with the numberpad.

"Music, sounds, character quick-start, and inverse kinematics" - Mar 30 2016
- You can now toggle the shower on/off while customizing your character.
- The audio framework is up and running. The game now contains music and audio.
- I''ve started implementing the inverse kinematics system. You can play around with it a little bit by using the rack chair.
- I''ve started working on a requisitions area in the pit, where you''ll manage the lab equipment and order new stuff / upgrades.
- I''ve started building some dialogue editing tools.
- I''ve set up the basic framework for NPCs. One will be randomly generated as your secretary at startup. They don''t actually do anyrhing yet.
- The game now includes a quick-start form for very quickly setting up a character from scratch. It allows you to select a species, define your gender/sex, your body type, and very quickly edit your color scheme.
- The game should now work properly when played on a non-C:\\ drive.
- The game''s translation files can now be updated remotely without needing a game update, so I can patch in new translations.
- The game can now detect when a newer version is available.
- The game can now display news/updates on the title screen.
- Added localization support for Icelandic.

"Basically just 0.0.3, but with bugfixes" - Mar 2 2016
- Fixed a memory leak that was causing texture assets to pile up and crash, especially after you had spent a bunch of time in the editor.
- Added more rigorous checks to make sure that files are actually in place before attempting to load them. The game will also automatically attempt to repair any missing/broken files it encounters, and will warn you if it fails to do so.
- Fixed a bug that would cause your character to disappear / reset to the default character after importing a character from a file.

"Character editor almost finished" - Feb 29 2016
- Game files are now loaded locally. This will help make the game more moddable in the future, and also means you can play the game offline without any problems.
- You can now import and export characters, which can be shared with other users. I plan on setting up a forum for sharing characters (as well as custom parts / mods) very soon.
- Several sample characters are included with this month''s build. You can import them from the character editor.
- You can now select hairstyles from the embellishments menu. Only a
few have been included, for testing.
- You can now filter/search in the texture pattern selection menu.
- You can now choose from a variety of character head bases, including: bird, bovine, canine, cervine, equine, feline, lizard, mustelid, and rodent.
- Each head now has a handful of morph sliders you can tweak.
- Added some basic ear physics. These are likely to be improved, especially for longer/floppier ears.
- Added a bunch of new character textures.
- Improved UI behavior at lower resolutions.
- Lower leg muscles now morph with body mass.
- You can now give your character wings - feathery or leathery. They have some basic animations and physics applied, but they are NOT finished. They will be restrained in most bondage setups, or completely hidden via pocket-dimension portal devices.
- Tweaked the game''s rendering style a bit. New materials, better SSAO, better lighting.
- You can now customize your character''s hands and feet.
- You now have free control over the camera while customizing your character.
- You can now customize your tail''s appearance and behavior.
- You can now decorate your character with embellishments like antlers and tufts of fur. These embellishments will automatically blend in with your character''s texture, or you can give them custom colors/gradients.
- Plantigrade animation support.
- Fixed some bugs related to the walking animation when entering character customization mode.
- Fixed camera clipping.
- While customizing your character, you can now snap to the center axis of a grid by holding CONTROL.
- When a localization phrase is missing, it will now show the English phrase, along with a warning that the phrase is missing, which you can click to view the localization document (and help fix it, maybe? <3)
- Fixed up some font issues with Korean and Japanese localization support.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the game to lock up on the loading screen if you entered the game too quickly the first time you played each day. (Because the cache clears at midnight, and it didn''t prevent you from accessing cached content even if it hadn''t been loaded yet.)
- Added localization support for Slovenian and piratespeak.
- TEMPORARY: Deleting a save file will also close the game, in order to prevent a bug that occasionally caused the wrong save data to be removed.

"Texture system, blend shapes, save system" - Jan 26 2016
- You can customize your character''s body type and height.
- You can create and delete save files, which persist from gameplay to gameplay, and correctly save character customizations.
- Set up a basic texture/pattern/color editing system, including a few very shitty test patterns, many of which have glitchy seams and need to be redone. This is not the final quality.
- Started working on fur/horn/antler painting/positioning system, but it''s not done yet. If you go to the "Fur" tab and click your character, it''ll fuck with the vertices you click.
- Rebuilt the entire character data format to allow part swapping, better hybrid support, and more on-the-fly changes/customizations.
- Clothing system started. You can equip a test shirt by pressing P. It will adapt to match your character''s body type.
- Optimized load times a bit.
- Added localization support for Japanese and Hungarian.
- You can now exit the game and return to the title menu / save select without restarting the game completely.
- Broke the camera clipping.

"Genital customization" - Dec 29 2015
- You can now enter character customization mode by using the sink in the showers.
- You can customize your character''s genitals. Neither of the herm-style genitals work. Slits don''t work.
- Added a "Return to Showers" option to the pause menu for if you manage to get stuck somewhere.

"The first one" - Nov 25 2015
- Created a very, very
early prototype, just showing off some of the very basic framework I''ve been setting up.
- You can walk around an empty laboratory as a naked cat thing using WADS.
- You can toggle a HUD on/off with TAB.
- Use the numberpad keys 0-4 to switch to a handful of test bondage poses.
- While in a laboratory test room, press I to enter a simple editing mode. This doesn''t really do much yet, just testing stuff.
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