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Скачать порно Unruhige Töchter / Непослушная дочь через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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Unruhige Töchter / Непослушная дочь

Год производства: 1968 г.
Страна: West Germany | Switzerland
Жанр: Drama
Продолжительность: 01.16.43
Язык: Немецкий

Режиссер: Hansjörg Amon
Студия: Urania

В ролях: Joerg Anderson
Inge Burckhardt
Maria Caleita
Peter Capra
Heidy Forster ... Lehrerin (as Heidi Forster)
Eduard Küber
Bella Neri ... Ruth
Brigitte Skay ... Susanne
Ruedi Walter ... Regisseur (as Rudi Walter)

Описание: Sue is a young smart pretty cunning self-confidant assertive sexually-liberated feminist student, who''s proud of her sex appeal and unafraid to use it when it''s mutually beneficial. She enjoys sex, always speaks her mind and cares little about the taboos of her rigid society or the opinions of her more conservative female friends from class. Her best friend is her classmate Ruth, a nice but repressed and introverted girl, who supports Sue''s attitude and admires her freedom to be herself. She also has a crush on Sue, but tries to hide it. Sue is in an open sexual relationship with Pete, an older man with ties to the movie industry, who loves her and treats her well. Her friends do not approve of him and find their relationship to be highly scandalous, but she doesn''t care and even proudly shows them the artistic nude photos of her which Pete took. Things get complicated when one of her older male teachers, who''s unhappily married, also shows interest in her. Amused, Sue approves of ...

Доп. информация: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062422/

Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MKV
Видео: AVC at 1828 Кбит/сек 696 x 576 (1.333) at 25.000 fps
Аудио: AC-3 at 192 Кбит/сек 2 канала, 48,0 КГц
Трекер:  [ 29-Июн-2016 11:00 ]

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