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Скачать порно Zettai Anji Marionette ~Saimin Fukushuu Game~ через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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avatar Sakura

Zettai Anji Marionette ~Saimin Fukushuu Game~
絶対暗示マラオネット ~催眠復讐ゲーム~<わるきゅ~れ2016年キャンペーン ~エロの陣~対象応募券付>

Разработчик/Издатель: Valkyria
Тип раздачи: HCG
Цензура: Есть во всех файлах
Жанр: Saimin,School,Teachers,Toys,Big tits,Anal,Blowjob,Titsjob,Rape,Group sex
Количество страниц: 214
Формат: PNG
Описание: Hero and Hayasaka, Osamu, darkened and the school life male students.
Useless nor motion study in slovenly no appearance. Hobby Pretty anime appreciation and online games.
For this reason he had been from the whole class with a focus on the class committee denotations Sakitadana the target of bullying.
Salvation for him was the presence of animation research unit itself serve as a director.
Osamu it could withstand one day bullying, but finally the Shoshiba Karen consultation of tannin, the fact is leaked to Tadana at her clumsiness.
Bullying further escalate, it would be tailored to the perpetrator of underwear thief incident as retaliation.
Appeal of Osamu claiming innocence without being heard, Karen advocacy also vain suspended from school.
The stigma is spread in an instant to Gakuen''naka, he was still forced to narrow campus life of the shoulders.
In addition, depending on the student council president, Kido SaiAi, it would have been made the activities suspended for anime Research Department.
And it is knocked off the disappointment of the depths, Osamu to be driven by rage. Such when he was cleaning the room for a reason,
We discover a gem ring that emits a red mysterious luster out of the closet of cardboard.
This ring purchased Osamu in the past overseas mail order, which had forgotten its existence completely until now.
Apparently and although he seems there is a hypnotic effect ...... try Karen to try, it would be able to manipulate what really at will.
"If there is this force, able to look back the guys that have been in terrible fool thing I ever Dekiru~tsu! Fuhihi ...... Fuhihi ......"
And involving Gakuen''naka, begins hypnosis revenge drama to 3 people!
Трекер:  [ 30-Май-2016 14:30 ]

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