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Скачать порно Désirs sous les Tropiques / Tropische Nächte / Тропическая похоть через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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Désirs sous les Tropiques / Tropische Nächte / Тропическая похоть

Год производства: 1978 г.
Страна: Франция
Жанр: Classic
Продолжительность: 01:22:13
Язык: Французский

Режиссер: Francis Leroi
Студия: Diaphilms, Alpha France

В ролях: Carmen Sailer
Doucheka plays Elvira
Goldy plays Coralie
Samantha [2]
Thizou plays Axelle
Daniel Tonachella plays Phil, the main male character
Bernard Baudouin plays Clark
Nordo Germain (possibly plays Ramirez, Clark's friend)
Jacques Gateau, as Jack Gateau, plays Cyril
Papy plays Papy, Phil's black servant, non-sex
Cyril Val, uncredited

Описание: Axelle (an air hostess) is back home and gets a phone call from a man who asks her to come right away as he is unwell. He is at a tropical seaside resort. Axelle lands in Martinique, changes her clothes in the taxi taking her to her destination where she is welcomed by Papy and his master, Phil, whom she obviously knows very well. These two have been in love for some time.

Phil is a ghost writer and also organises parties for bored rich people. There's one organised for the following night and Axelle insists on him attending it with her. We can then see them having sex in bed and on a beach.

Phil introduces Axelle to Elvira. While taking a walk out at night, the two girls are introduced by Phil to a flower whose pollen has some erotic power on it and they are in for a hot tropical night. Well, in fact the scene begins with a long soft introduction (no pun intended!). Actually, the whole scene remains soft until we can see some sperm dripping from Phil's cock.

Some footage about what a tourist can see in Martinique: cock fighting, shopping, flowers ...

Party time - it is held for Clark whom Phil doesn't really seem to appreciate. Phil tells Axelle that he wants to offer her a girl as a welcome gift. But this is Clark's party and the next scene features Cyril Val with a blonde girl (Samantha [2]) and this is no time for a softcore scene, but Phil steps in and this is the end of the scene ...

Phil has a verbal contest with Clark in front of Axelle but the reason remains unclear to me.

The film moves on aboard Clark's boat where all the characters are present (except Papi!). Axelle immediately strikes it with Coralie. Then the boat stops off at a place where Cyril lives. Clark and Phil go back to the boat for a poker game, along with Cyril and Ramirez (Clark's friend). When the money involved rises too high, Cyril and Ramirez leave the boat with Coralie and Axelle and return to the shore.

Cyril is holding a party the following day and invites the two girls before they return to the boat. Meanwhile the others are having non-simulated sex on the beach and the poker game goes on on the boat. Phil wins the first game but loses the second.

Axelle offers to be his stake against Clark for a third game but the table has turned and Clark wins again. Phil leaves the boat and Axelle stays behind to fulfill her obligation. She begins with Coralie, then Clark enters the circle and pays himself on both girls.

Meanwhile Phil confesses his worry to Elvira who comforts him (no sex). When Clark brings Axelle to Phil (seems his family name is Sullivan) Axelle and he become friends again, but Axelle tells Phil that she doesn't like his friends.

The next scene is about Axelle declaring her love for this new land of hers and we see Phil and her visiting the island, buying a necklace and drinking fruitjuice. Phil declares his hatred for bananas (no kidding!) and the film turns into romantic talk and love (there must be a soft version of this film somewhere!).

When they are back home, their friends are waiting for them to go to the party. Cyril talks about voodoo dancing and Axelle falls into some sort of erotic trance that leads her to make love with Cyril in the middle of the group of black musicians and dancers.

Now is time for Axelle to leave Phil and the island. The parting is painful and Papy offers flowers to bring some colour to her foggy winter life in France. About to board her plane, Axelle changes her mind and returns to Phil who is only too glad to see her back.

Strange feeling of a soft film with added hard shots which have been done with the same actresses. The fun side of sex is once again completely absent from the film as very often with Francis Leroi's films. Was that intentional?


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