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Скачать порно Sex F / X / Секс Эф / Икс Danielle,Robin Cannes,Summer Rose,Tiffany Blake,Tracey Adams,Billy Dee,Jason Brooks,Jesse Eastern,Jerry Butler,Shone Taylor через торрент бесплатно :: UnionPron.org

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Sex F/X / Секс Эф / Икс

Год производства: 1986 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Feature
Продолжительность: 01:15:23
Язык: Английский

Режиссер: Ned Morehead (as Darrel Lovestrange)
Студия: Visual Persuasion (Zane Entertainment Group)

В ролях: Actresses:
Robin Cannes
Summer Rose [IR]
Tiffany Blake (as Tiffancy Blake) [Facial]
Tracey Adams (as Tracy Adams) [IR]
Billy Dee
Jason Brooks
Jesse Eastern (as Jeremy Hapner)
Jerry Butler
Shone Taylor (as Shawn Taylor)

Описание: Somewhere deep below our nation's capital lies a secret bomb shelter designed to protect the president in the event of a Russian attack. All of the president's needs have been anticipated and provided for – from his favorite breakfast cereal to the "syntherotisizer," a high-tech computer which can be programmed to produce android sex partners of any description.
When investigative reporter Barbara Whoozie (Danielle) discovers the secret bunker she inadvertently trips its time lock sealing both her and Major Prod (J. Brooks), the shelter's guard, for one full year.
This is the premise for this well-devised and extremely entertaining feature. There's a surprising amount of dialog between Danielle and Brooke, most of which is witty and well delivered. There are some very strong erotic scenes as well, most notably a threesome involving Danielle, Jerry Butler and Shone Taylor. One sex scene, however, is blacked out while the producers take a jab at the current movement at censorship of adult materials. Both audio and video qualities are high, adding to this sexvid's already outstanding credentials. Definitely worth a look.

Доп. информация: Comments:

Scenes 6-10 belong to the final orgy.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Danielle, Shone Taylor
Scene 2. Robin Cannes, Jason Brooks
Scene 3. Danielle, Jerry Butler, Shone Taylor
Scene 4. Tracey Adams, Jason Brooks
Scene 5. Summer Rose, Billy Dee
Scene 6. Summer Rose, Shone Taylor
Scene 7. Robin Cannes, Jerry Butler
Scene 8. Danielle, Jason Brooks
Scene 9. Tracey Adams, Billy Dee
Scene 10. Tiffany Blake, Jesse Eastern

Качество видео: VHSRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео: Xvid 576x432 29.97fps 3113kbps [Video 0]
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 16000Hz stereo 31kbps [Audio 1]
Трекер:  [ 01-Фев-2015 22:00 ]

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